Remember This?

Do you remember the game from this part of box art? Yep, we're continuing our box art adventures today, so leave your guess in the comments! A clue will go up at 2pm if no one gets the answer.


    Orange Box

      Well, It does appear that it is an orange box. Makes sense :D

    Instantly thought of Tetris for some reason.... but fairly sure it isn't... :/ must longer!

      Well it does remind me of the old CGA 4 colors days of Tetris ~LOL~

    Prince of Persia 3d?

    Looks so damn familiar!!!! HINT TIME.


    It's the Tetris title screen.

    The Dig.

      Is there a reason you say The Dig every day?

        probably no less logical than playing the lottery every week, just with less investment and higher chance of a payout ;-)

        2 (or more) reasons.

        1. Tristan doesn't seem to come around here anymore with Mario 64.

        2. Everything reminds me of The Dig, as I never made it to the end of that game when I played it, o so many years ago. I therefore had to imagine what the last third of the game would look like, and strangely enough, in my imagination it looks like most Remember This's.

          PS: If annoying, I can try to stop.

            I'll give you a clue. Talking llamas. But srsly, awesome game. Go finish it.

          Not annoying at all, I was just curious because I love that game and WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU NEVER FINISHED IT? WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE AND NOT PLAYING THE DIG RIGHT NOW?

            I know, I'm sorry, I'M SORRY!! :(

            My hope is that Tracey (or Mark) will take pity on me and put up a The Dig screenshot, and then offer the game as the first even Remember This prize (I lost my copy many moons ago).

              It's on Steam for $5. :)

    King of the Monsters 2 ??


    Looks a bit like the top left of the B.A.T. cover, but without the logo.

    Something Camelot-y?

    These box-art ones have made me think, in a few years it'll be:

    Can you recognise the game from this portion of a Steam sale page screengrab.

      some of those Steam sale pages do have some pretty awesome backdrop artworks though... plus they wouldn't have the problem of being different by region and/or release version, which can possibly mess up some of the box art ones.

    Defenders of the Crown

      ohh i loved that game.

      Anyone have it to play again or link to some legal abandonware page or something!!

        There you go :D

          omg i love you.

          Im gonna dosbox that sucker up for sure!

    Tetris: Kremlin Edition?

    looks like tetris for the Amiga

    persona 2

    Planescape: torment.

    One of my faves

      I know it's got to be right as I still have the original box!

        yep, thats it!

      I think we have a winner

        pffft its clearly "black and white"


    Yep, Planescape Torment it is! Man, I was one minute away from posting up a clue! Well done to Pseudoedge for being the first person to guess the game before clue-time in... many days!

      Still the best game I've ever played.

        Agreed, simply an amazing game. Best RPG ever.

          I have a confession to make - it's still on my pile of shame and has been for 8 years.
          Now that I think about it, it's the second game to ever make it onto the pile (#1 was messiah)

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