Remember This?

Do you remember the game from this zoomed-in part of box art? This was one of the first games my family bought for a console that we owned, so anyone with the surname Lien is automatically disqualified from guessing the game. Leave your answers in the comments — winner receives a high-5!


    Time Crisis: Project Titan?

      Nope. TC: Project Titan didn't have that notch on the top of the weapon.

    not Resident Evil, is it?


    The Dig.

    Or Space Invaders 2000

      You have no idea how much I was tempted to write The Dig and add "inb4 Shane".

      What's your Steam ID btw?

        I would have lol'd and \o/'d and :('d all at once.

        Do not have a Steam ID I'm afraid, nor a gaming computer with net access...

    I thought XIII but after googling it, I am wrong.

    Time Crisis: PT.

    Valkyria Chronicles!

    Duke Nukem

    A hi-5!? Oh man oh boy oh man, I need to find out what this is!

    Well, shit.

    Makes me think Max Payne. Or Metal Gear Solid.

    No idea why though, considering I've played neither game :P

    So, a console game from Tracey's childhood...

    Roughly when was this?

      this game must be ancient :P

      There are three possible answers to this question:

      1) The Victorian Era (and thus the answer will be a Hoop and Stick).

      2) Last year (and thus the answer will be a Hoopz and Stickz DS).

      3) Probably 10-15 years ago, seeing as she's a journalism student, placing her in her mid-20s (and thus the answer will be Super Hoop and Stick 64).

      I like option 2.

        Ah, SH&S64, the first time the world saw a hoop in 3D, and never looked back.

        Clue has been posted!

        Also, I just turned 23 last month, and this game is NOT super old.

          So it was option 3.

          Except without the Super Hoop and Stick 64.

          Close enough!

      Well, if its the same Tracey Lien from good game, then she is 2 years younger then me, and i am 25

        It may not be the same Tracey.

        I heard that there were something like 20 Tracey Liens working in Australia as game reporters.... something to do with a secret cloning project.

        if u click on her name in the comments...all will be revealed

    Oh lawd, is that sum Gungrave on the PS2?

      YES! It is Gungrave for the PS2. When we first got out PS2 back in 2001 (yes, we were one of those chump families that bought it when it was still $700), my brother bought Gungrave on its release. I would have been... 13. It was pretty sweet!

      Congrats PuppyLicks. *HIGH FIVE*

        $700 was cheap for it's uber processing supaaa computaaa specs at the time which could run WMD nuclear simulations?

        I remember paying around that price for our first PS1...haha

        Aawww yeeaaaa!
        *high fives*

        If i remember correctly, Gungrave was a pretty hard game too. Way to cut your teeth on the hard stuff Tracey :)

        Wait what, no we didn't.

        We got it for like 500 at EB or Myer and that came with Metal Gear Solid 2.
        I bought Gungrave like a year later or something.

          Well I remember in 2001 it was still $700, so whatev! But yes, Gungrave was a game you bought on release.

            That's great, only MGS2 didn't come out in Europe until 2002.

    Damnit, I know this game! And I didn't even own a console until the 64! What is it?

    Ooooooooooooh it was a GUN. I thougnt it was a phone :'(

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