Remember This?

It's box art time again! Do you remember the game from this part of box art? Today's Remember This was brought on by Kotaku's publisher, Danny, raving about the game's sequel's music. Leave your answers in the comments!


    This is annoyingly familiar but I can't place it.

    Would throwing a chair result in an earlier hint?


      That's what I thought but I'll be a little different and say Homeworld 2.

    Metal Gear Solid, PSX.

      On further inspection, the article clearly states this is box art. Disregard my apparent retardation.

    The Dig.

      One day Shane, one day :)

        No doubt I will be computerless for one reason or another on that day :P

          Hopefully it's not a screenshot from a part of the game you never got up to. :P

            By guessing the same thing every day, I mitigate this risk :)

              What about spoilers?! It might be from the part of the game where Maggie discovers the alien world is really a theme park and you've just been imagining everything!

              Wait, wrong Lucasarts game...

    All I can think of right now is Aquas. Played waaaaay too much Lylat Wars last night.

    On a side note, what's with the survey popup thing? Every time I click Start Survey, it just disappears and does nothing. And it doesn't come up on my laptop. HOW CAN MY VOICE BE HEARD??

      Ok on the laptop now and it's here, and even now clicking it does nothing :/

    Is it Another World?


      I was going to say XCom 2 before I saw the answer has already been got today. It does look very XCom 2.

    Based solely on the colours my guess would be Metal Gear Solid. (Remember guys, the original post gave a hint in that the game has a sequel).

    Final Fantasy Tactics: Crystal Chronicles.

    Zone Of The Enders?

    System Shock 1 or 2?

    Just a guess before actually googling

    Hey, that's XENON

        Loved that game. Had no idea it was Melbourne made. Makes it even better.

      And yes, the sequel music is awesome.

      Here's a better one in case you don't believe me. Insta-recognise.

      And I believe we have a winner. Fond memories of playing this game on my all powerful 386sx msdos machine.

      Brilliant work there Dave!

      Maaaaaaan, didn't even get to the clue today! Well done, the game is indeed Xenon.

      Anyway, Danny has some fond memories of Xenon 2 and was telling us how modern music has ripped off Xenon 2's intro music:



    Digger on ms DoS

      sorry was thinking of this lol

    Icewind Dale or Baldurs gate

    For the heck of it though I believe Dave got it. Star Wars Rebel Assualt 1


      Blah. Ascii art of the word "CLUE" didn't work.

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