Remember This?

Do you remember the game from this part of box-art? Today will be the last of our box art adventures before we return to screenshots, so see if you can guess the game! Leave your answers in the comments and if no one gets it by 2pm, I'll update with a clue.


    Alien vs Predator?
    Alien vs Predator!

    It's Alien vs Predator, isn't it...

    The Dig?

      Just be thankful you weren't right, SOX... I would have been tres upset. :)

      Is it The Dig?

    Looks like it might be a full FMV game from the 90's. I'll guess the X-Files game.

    Grand theft Auto, it's grand theft auto right? i think it's grand theft auto, yeah that feels right... grand theft auto!?!

      Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Oh man. yes, it is the original GTA.


      Time to toughen up for next week!

        WHOOOOOOOO oh yeah... also i know have people looking weirdly at me, and got some explanation to do due to the \o/ STEVE HOLT, outburst

        I knew it looked familiar but damned if I could place it. Good work, pixel ferret.

    Dark Reign

    It's GTA 1... I thought it was 2 ... then I checked and yeah its GTA1

    System Shock 2?

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