Remember This? [UPDATED]

Do you remember the game from this fragment of a screenshot? Today's game isn't actually *that* old. MAKE OF THAT WHAT YOU WILL. Leave your answers in the comments and if no one gets it by 2pm I'll post up a clue!


    Roof Tiler Deluxe: The Apprentice Years?


      I will add a +1 to that

        I too will +1 tenchu
        all i remember of that game is sitting on the roof thinking oh f im going to die here


      +1 for morrowind

    Black and White?

    twilight princess

    Roof Raider?

    Roofs of War?

    Wonder Roof?


    Command and Conquer: Roof Alert?

    Roof Marine?

    League of Roofs?

    The Legend of Roof: Never on time?


    Sonic The Hedgehog and Tile Prowler?

      Just a little too much. IMHO

        Good thing i ran out of games.

        I think all of them were crap, personally - so don't worry. lol

        I am rather partial to the last one, however

    Grabbed by the Ghoulies?

    Breath of Fire 3!(?)

    Damnit, I really dunno.

    The Dig isn't *that* old. Where's Shane at?

    Demon's Souls?
    Maybe one of the Gothics?

    I swear I've used that exact texture for medieval roof texturing in some 3d renders.

    Possibly a roof or walled architecture from Assasins Creed 2?

    In case no-ones noticed, theres a small sliver of something in the bottom right of the shot which may be from a HUD

    Resident evil 4

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