Remember This? [UPDATE]

[Insert maniacal laughter]

I'll update this around 2pm if no-one gets it!


    I was actually thinking King's Quest on Amiga, it does somehow look very Sierra-ish.

    It shoudn't be impossible, considering how rarely yellow and pink come so close together...

    Look's like Mark's back with a vengeance baby! OH SNAP!

    Someone already guessed Space Quest 1, which was going to be my first guess, so I'll go with Bart vs the Space Mutants.

    Looks like a simpsons game.

    Parappa the rapper?

    Swing and a miss...?

    Welcome back Mark, maniacle laugh indeed. Love it! How was the trip by the way?

    Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure?

    All i can think when looking at this is Mark sword held high "You may take our lives, but you'll never take, my REMEMBER THIS!"

    oh and well played

    Alley Cat?
    Frankie Goes to Hollywood?
    Impossible Mission?

      I was thinking Alley Cat too but it was mostly cyan, purple, black and white in the screenshots I saw.

      Alley Cat, I remember playing that on the very first 086 that my father purchased. Oh how I loved playing that simple game and the theme song, I can still remember it to this day.

    Freedom Force?

    Day of the Tentacle?

    Pitfall? Those look like Atari 2600 colors...

      Hmm, Pitfall doesn't have the black line between the bits of color. H.E.R.O. on the 2600 maybe?

    hello kitty island adventures!?!

    Looks a bit like GTA vice city to me for some reason.

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