Remote-Controlled Aeroplane Took This Real Call Of Duty Photo

Remote-Controlled Aeroplane Took This Real Call Of Duty Photo

Call of Duty XP is an official COD gaming event that promises to do more than let players play Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. They’ll also get a shot at running a real version of The Pit time course and experiencing the Scrapyard in-game map.

Snapped by website Pro Paintball, this is an overhead shot of the Call of Duty XP paintball field, built by the Hollywood Sports Paintball Park.

Like something out of modern warfare, a remote-controlled aeroplane was used to take this photo.

As previously posted, the real world COD maps look to be the convention’s highlight. There will be a full-scale version of the Scrapyard map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2‘s multiplayer. There is also The Pit time course from Modern Warfare 2, complete with pop-up wooden enemies and civilians.

Call of Duty XP kicks off September 2 in Los Angeles. Here is a first look at what to expect (minus the people — expect them!).

Sneak peak at the Call of Duty XP Paintball Field [Pro Paintball]


    • i’m wondering if anyone will think they are running commando pro and jump off something really high, thus breaking all their bones below the hips 🙂

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