Report: L.A. Noire 'Complete Edition' And PC Version Coming In November

Evidence of Rockstar Games reissuing crime thriller L.A. Noire later this year in the form of a "Complete Edition" has reportedly been spotted by Eurogamer Czech. That apparent re-release and the PC version of Team Bondi's game are supposedly slated for November.

Eurogamer cites its Czech counterpart in its report on the arrival of L.A. Noire Complete Edition, which would presumably bundle the post-release downloadable content with the core experience.

After Rockstar's re-release of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition and the forthcoming Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition, a re-release for L.A. Noire just before the busy holiday shopping season would make a lot of sense. Nothing official yet, but we shall soon see.


    That's kinda creepy- I haven't touched this game in months yet today I've sat down to burn through the DLC, and I come on kotaku...

    I feel like they should call it the 'Most-Complete' version ;-P

    and yeah, I think we can expect that the PC version will be less-than-stellar judging from their past efforts. Seems like their stance is 'you should feel honored to get it' as opposed to 'we want to make this a superior version of the game because we value you as a user'... which is most common nowadays.

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