Resident Evil 6 Is Official

The newest core entry in Capcom's popular survival series Resident Evil is Resident Evil 6. The game was revealed at today's Tokyo Game Show.


    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D !!!

    If you put those co-ordinates into Google earth (48.415802,-89.2673) It comes up in Thunder Bay on Lake Superior on the Canadian/American border!

      Sweet, Zombie Yoopers! ( or is it U.P.-ers? I've never had to type that word...)

      Hopefully we won't see more character design like that awful chick from that RE:3DS trailer they released...

    If it's anything like 5 I don't want to see or hear about it.

      Agree, I enjoyed 5 for its co-op but it was hardly as heart pounding as any of the others. Felt like a more straight forward co-op experience..

      Yeah. I want my zombies back. I stopped giving a **** about RE after I played RE4, and RE5 did nothing to rekindle my interest.

    It's confirmed, Resident Evil 6 will be set on Earth, and will feature biologically mutated enemies of some description.

    Aw man, I think we need one of those trailer analysis to fully decipher this whole criptic video. There's so much going on I feel like I won't be able to follow the story already!

    If it's not anything like 5 I don't want to see or hear about it.

    RE's never been scary, or heart pounding, or any of that. Maybe when I was like 14 and played it on the PS1.

    The series has nothing left going for it except being cheesy, over the top, and having surprisingly awesome co-op fights.

    Unfortunately people who love monster-in-closet crap seem to outnumber the people who love Wesker's over the top ridiculousness (not to mention it seems they had no friends to play RE5 with them), so chances are 5 will be the first and last RE game I enjoy. :/ Another franchise down most likely. Enjoy your game, guys.

      GTFO Troll

        I love it when people call anyone they disagree with a troll.

          I love it when people with universally unpopular opinions assume that everyone is wrong except them.

        You make no sense. If you want your crappy Co open BS shot em up boring games then look to all other games in the market. They need to leave resident evil franchise Aline though.. re5 was the most idiotic move they could have made it was a whole mother game for a whole mother franchise they shouldn't have stamped the Res evil title on it.

    wait wait your telling me operation racoon city isnt res 6 it was a spin off to res 2 damn it

    Wonder if you`ll get to fight royal canadian kilted yaksmen?

      Their country reeks of trees, and their yaks are very large... I hear.

        ...and they smell like rotting beef carcasses.

          ..and searing sand blows up our skirts!

    lol, I like how it goes *boom crash loud dramatic noise* when it writes up the copyright capcom fine print.

    Well, that was a waste of time. After RE5, you'd hope they pull out something a little more interesting than that.

    Some average Flash newbie could probably have made that in half an hour.

    I'm interested. Also interesting to know that RE6 will be set in Canada I'm assuming based off those co-ords? Zombie Moose perhaps?

    We might have to wait until the end of Inserted Evil for some more answers, but I think RE6 will be back to the old school zombie killin' roots, with the 3rd person camera which is also good.

    I want zombies that are zombies and scares that make me wee a little, along with no annoying partner that steals my ammo and may or may not be part of a racist videogame depending on which media outlet is bitching at the time.

    Who asked for a 6th one of this shit?

      Get your facts str8.

    any release date? info about the game? video not found.. shit article lol. excited about potentially shitting my pantaloons from zombie fear though

    I think RE5 went into the action horror direction. But with this trailer, it seems like they're bringing the series back to it's survival horror roots... Co-op is good... but not as scary. Parts that were scary in RE5 though were when you split apart.

    Checked out the long/lat coordinates that were in the trailer, looks like we're going to the awesomely named Thunder Bay in Canada,+-89.2673&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wl

    Last i heard they wore going to reboot the whole series, not do a 6th .... not that i wouldnt mind a 6th ether ...

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