Resident Evil: Revelations' TGS Trailer Leaks

"One Woman Will See Untold Horrors"? This woman can't see anything past that haircut. Also, there appears to be a giant piece of her wetsuit missing. Right where her tits are. Convenient.

That kind of attitude is probably what gets her stuck in those hallways full of zombies in the first place. Someone who can see would just run. Someone without a giant hole in their wetsuit could just... swim away.

Despite this, Resident Evil Revelations, possibly the best-looking thing on the 3DS, is still the best-looking thing on the 3DS.

RER TGS ExTrailer ESRB [YouTube]


    Game looks great, but what is UP with that hair!?

    No wonder she died (im guessing), that hair is covering the top half of her face can't even see her eyes, reminds me of some really old/cheap way of hiding having to animate her entire face.

    I like the apparent return to form I'm seeing in the environment design and look... but that character looked like some kind of awkward cartoon from the 70s... I don't know who she's supposed to be but her name is already "Boobs McGee" in my mind lol

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