Resistance 3 Captures Details Of Burly Geek Beards Beautifully

If you're playing Resistance 3, you've likely come in contact with the digital recreation of two Resistance super-fans, the winners of the "Get in the Game" contest. In fact, they're some of the first people you'll meet. So see where that impressive in-game beard originates.

Developer Insomniac Games scanned in the likeness of two fans, one from the US, one from the UK, and gave them cameos in Resistance 3. See what was involved in the digitalization process in the video above to gain a little more respect for the voluminous facial hair rendering power of the PlayStation 3.

Resistance 3: Get in the Game Winners Revealed []


    That's so obviously a superman shirt.

    Seems the further they went with implementing their faces into the game the less it looked like them.

    That's approximately 2 months of growth for me.

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