Resistance 3: Community Q&A

Resistance 3's writer, Jon Paquette, is coming to Australia next week, and while Kotaku will be interviewing him in person when he lands on our shores (we've bought him a leg of ham as a welcoming gift), Jon will also be taking questions from the Kotaku community!

Here's how it'll work: post your questions for Jon in the comments between now and tomorrow (Friday). At 5pm tomorrow I'll gather all your questions and curate them down to a list of 7-10, and then I'll wave it frantically in Jon's general direction when I see him. After sufficient amounts of paper waving, Jon will answer yours questions!

Jon Paquette has been credited on titles such as Medal of Honor, with Resistance 3 being the next big release he has worked on. Keeping in mind that his role is a writer (so he probably can't answer your questions about the coding in the game — although who knows, maybe he can), have a think about what you would like to know and post it in the comments.


    As a writer, what are your thoughts on console exclusivity for games (eg, do you feel it limits your audience, do you have to modify the way you approach your writing, etc)? Owning an Xbox 360 and not a PS3, I haven't actually played a Resistance game - do you believe that a well constructed story could be used to lure new customers into purchasing more consoles to gain a more diverse experience?

    What was it like incorporating 3D into this game?

    I've always found that the narrative in games seems to be lacking when compared to the best available in other mediums.

    Are there any aspects of gaming as medium that you think might contribute to this and how do you try to work around them in order to create better narratives?

      I should probably clarify, I'm not saying that the narratives in games are necessarily bad just that the best gaming has to offer does not stand up to the best films, TV, books and other story driven media have.

        I'd say that in general the narratives are just bad.

        I mean really, I love me some games, but where they stand out is world construction and gameplay, when they have to explicitly state something they've usually gone too far.

          I wasn't saying it, but I was thinking it rather loudly :p

        The Witcher 2's narrative is as good as in any other medium.

    You've come into this game series fairly late in the party, with Resistance 3 being your first credited work on the series, so what challenges did having to work with such an established universe bring? As well as that, was it a decision on your part to remove the game from its predecessor by 4 years, as well as making the main character one who had had a predominantly icy relationship with Nathan Hale, the previous protagonist?

    Why is the Alice Springs level missing so many Chimera corpses?

    The town's population should of taken out at least 2 battalions before dying out and that's if the only use butterknives (which in outback Australia is a machete).

    Resistance 3 has an all new art style compared to the previous two entries, has this also transferred over to the direction and tone of Resistance 3's narrative?

    I have never played any of the Resistance games before, how does this game allow newbies like myself understand what is going on and what can we expect?

      Since this game is based on the graphics engine used in previous Resistance games, will the company be working on a new engine for future releases?

      What are other games that have influenced the development in the series?

      The game is set in a war stricken New York City, much like many other FPSs of the current generation. Please inform us that there will not be some EMP device that is important to the story too.

      How did the idea of the "much loved by the community" cover design come about? Was there initial designs that got scrapped in favour of this?

      What unique weapons will be available in this game that we haven't seen anywhere else?

      Do you ever see the evolution of FPS's ever getting out of the Call Of Duty perks system?

      I could write many more (radio employee) but I have an interview to do in a few minutes on air.

    How does it feel to make baddass games, that make me proud to be a ps3 owner?

    Why was the Alice Springs setting far off the mark and Americanised? Was it a lack of research or plain old couldn't-be-bothered?

      correction; "so far off the mark"

    Do you think FPS games have fallen into a pattern wherein the narrative is pushed forward solely by exposition through things like briefing in cutscenes, and a sequence of increasingly bombastic set-pieces?

    What are your favourite video game stories and why?

    With 360 exclusive game series like Halo and Gears constantly making headlines in the gaming community and Resistance always playing second fiddle at best do you feel that choosing Sony and the Playstation as your home was perhaps a poor choice?

      Gorram we need an edit button. Only just noticed that Jon has only worked on part 3 not the others.

      "do you feel that the team behind the Resistance series choosing Sony and the Playstation as their home was perhaps a poor choice?"

        Considering the lack of comments in here my question becomes far more relevant :P YAY!

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