Retro Ghost Recon Looks More Like The Syndicate Remake Of Our Dreams

The video's title and characters say "Ghost Recon". But the style on show screams "the Syndicate game people actually wanted".

Continuing their release of videos previously seen only by those attending Ubisoft's E3 press conference, animation house Ludi Factory has shared this "retro" Ghost Recon clip. "It's a tribute to Syndicate", the video's description says, and it's a pretty one at that.

This isn't a game, a trailer of an upcoming game or a pitch for an upcoming game. It's just a cool video.


    Someone make this game, I have money waiting for you!

    This looks infinitely cooler than both the new Ghost Recon and the Syndicate remake.
    That combination of pixelated isometric graphics and ScaleForm-style UI is killer.

    Why not just play the original syndicate?

    A clever tactical game like this would not tax a tablet's processor and could be so much fun.

    This would make for a great iOS game.

    Now I'm even sadder after watching that.

    FUUU.... If only!

    Ahhhhh; Final Fantasy Tactics meets Company of Heroes = what Syndicate remake was supposed to be.

    Or, you know, like that Ghost Recon mockup game.

    They should do another Ghost Recon like part 1. Make it tactical again. The ones since part 2 have just been corridor shooters... yawn.

    Sure does remind one of Syndicate. If only there was a new Syndicate game being released.

    Makes me miss the Commando series too... those were great, and of a similar nature.

    awww... I thought it was a trailer or a pitch for a iphone or droid game.....
    Now I want syndicate or something of the like on my droid, some-one please make it.

    Saw this a while back. Thought it would be a game by now for sure.

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