Riotous Beginning For The New Mutants Of X-Men: Destiny

How does one go from being a displaced teenager with a dickhead father one moment to being an unofficial member of the world’s greatest mutant fighting force the next? Let’s ask X-Men: Destiny.

Whatever may happen later in the game, at least X-Men: Destiny starts strong. Professor Xavier is dead, humans and mutants are on the brink of all-out war, and three freshly minted mutants converge in the one place their newly discovered skills are needed the most.

Sounds like a comic book story to me.

But it’s not the story that impressed me about the opening of X-Men: Destiny as it was the little special touches. The narrative continuing into the menu sequence, for instance. Or putting the player on the spot for choosing their mutant powers, and marking that spot with a careening police car.

If developer Silicon Knights could just maintain those novel ideas for the length of the game, we might have something special on our hands.

If only.


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