Rockstar Bringing Back 'Classic' Max Payne In HD And Mobile

The March 2012 arrival of Max Payne 3 may be today's biggest Rockstar Games news, but fans of the original, Remedy Entertainment-developed game may delight in "a new way to enjoy the classic Max Payne".

Rockstar Games says that Max Payne will "receive the full HD treatment for mobile devices" but does not provide a release date or platform(s) for the remake of the 2001 game that saw release on PC, Mac, PlayStation 2 and Xbox (and Game Boy Advance!).

"Available for the first time on mobile, Max Payne will have connectivity to the Rockstar Games Social Club and boast the same features as its PC counterparts," reads the announcement, "including HD graphics and high-resolution textures that take advantage of the latest mobile technologies, including incredibly customisable controls and support for wired controllers."

We're checking with Rockstar to see exactly which mobile devices it plans on bringing the classic scrunchy-faced Max to, but for now we'll guess... iPhone? iPad? Maybe Android?


    Ah Max Payne... the one memory I have of it that'll always stick with me? Hypers description of his face: "He looks like he has a carrot shoved up his arse." lol

    I'm more keen for the HD remake of the first Max Payne than I am for Max Payne 3. I just have a bad feeling that the new one isn't going to do the series justice. I'd love to be wrong though.

    "Maybe Android?"
    Better bloody be!

    I have a hard time imagining Max Payne 3 doing the series any kind of justice.

    Remedy and Sam Lake are so unique that no matter what studio Rockstar put on this project its not gonna feel like a Max Payne game... and as far as I'm concerned any sequel without Remedy and Lake's involvment will feel very "Galactica 1980" if you catch my drift.

    What the heck... they go to the trouble of an HD remaster, then only release it on mobile platforms?

    Thanks Rockstar...

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