Rockstar's Next Big One: This Is Max Payne 3's First Trailer

Grant Theft Auto IV. Red Dead Redemption. L.A. Noire. For the last few years every console game from Rockstar Games has been a big deal, creatively and commercially. Next up: Max Payne 3, whose debut trailer hit today and you can see right here.

GTA is Rockstar's baby. Red Dead and L.A. Noire were the types of games no other studio was brazen enough to try. Max? That's a shooter. That's the kind of game everyone is trying to make. So can Rockstar's be special? Can it be great and important?

Max Payne 3 will be out for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in March of next year, nine years after the last Max Payne was released. Rockstar is developing without the involvement of original series creators Remedy. The trailer implies that Max's signature bullet time is back and it sure looks like this game is going to be all about the gunplay. Graphically, it looks superb.

Max Payne fans, do you like what you see? And can you spot any small details us non-experts may not have caught?


    I love the music. I love the voice.

    The actual lines didn't really sound like 'Max Payne' lines though.

    I don't feel like I need to even address everything else that didn't look/sound/feel 'Max Payne'...

    The game could turn out to be great... but it's just not going to be a real sequel to the franchise.

    I'd forgotten how good that title track was.

    Otherwise though, there's something a bit Kane and Lynch about this.

    I love the Max Payne games. Bought 1 & 2 on day one.

    I found the trailer a little underwhelming. The signature music is fantastic, gives you the Max Payne chills, but I also thought the dialogue seemed out of place.

    Considering Rockstar games has a reputation for great trailers, I was a little disappointed.

    Still excited for the game, but at first glance I'm already missing Remedy.

    he looks like alan from the hangover 2 now, he even said he had a hangover when he was shaving his head in that shitty motel.

    I miss the whole Noir feel to the series but so far the trailer still shits over what Marky Mark did to the series with his pathetic excuse for a film (except for Mila Kunis that is... meg can stay)

    Noir doesn't mean set in a city with smoke coming out of sewer vents. This is still very Noir styling, especially the cover and promo art that was shown just recently.

      He's right though, the trailer looks vibrant, but gritty. Just less dark then what 1 and 2 were.

      A Sunlit skyline with a Helicopter, a generic gangbanger with an AK-47, a generic hooker-skank... oh and Max Payne on the edge there...

      The cover and promo art didn't look Noir at all. It was GTA tropes with a Max Payne shoved into it. ... for comparisons sake

      :-P I think it's obvious which end of the spectrum this Max Payne 3 art leans towards.

    They better be in there, the narrating, and comicbook style viewings were the best.
    This just brings it back to the R* style, sadly.

    R* getting recognition for something made in Australia. That's weak.

    I don't know how anyone can watch this trailer and not think it's awesome.

    I've tried watching it several times over the past day... hoping to maybe warm up to it.

    It didn't work.

    Every viewing just drives the cold hard truth further into my eye sockets.

    The Remedy/Sam Lake magic isn't something that can be easily forged. Plus, this particular Rockstar team, the developers behind 'Bully', should have been allowed to make their own IP again. I think it's pretty apparent that part-way through their new game Rockstar came in and told them to add the Max Payne brand to their game, and it just wasn't a very natural fit... hence all the delays.

    I think this is a sad example of wasted of time and opportunity for all involved.

    "GTA is Rockstar’s baby. Red Dead and L.A. Noire were the types of games no other studio was brazen enough to try."

    Wake up and smell the research Stephen. LA Noire was mostly Aussie made. Rockstar provided the talent. That's about it.

    This game has "we need money" written all over it.

    No Remedy? No NYC? New style of Max? No Mona Sax?
    (SPOILER LINE: What a load of crap. She survived MP2! END SPOILER)

    As a fan since Max Payne's original trailer hit the infant 'Net, this sequel looks BAD. Duke Nukem Forever BAD.

    Fun old property reborn with new tech, but lazily = a corpse given plastic surgery.

    Looks pretty, but it sure as hell stinks up the place.

    I'm torn which will be worse. The movie or MP3.

      lol, well sad as it is to say... at least the movie got a few things right... the environment/set design was well done and they at least included Max, Mona, Bravura, etc.

      This game... well... so far it's not scoring as well on the 'Consistent with the series' scale. It's sad when it looks like Marky Mark is gonna one-up a Max Payne game... but here we are.

      Alan Wake is pretty sweet, but I'm looking forward to the day when Remedy is done with all that 'X-box exclusivity' crap and back to putting their magic to work on PC. well, and other platforms too, of course.

    why cant MP3 come out any quicker?!!!!!!! come on r* work a little harder

    yeah so weird that r* games has changed the dark and gritty to bright and shitty environment but nevertheless probably be a good game like any other r* games just hope it comes out sooner

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