Rumour: Xbox As Comcast, Verizon Cable Box Imminent

Rumour: Xbox As Comcast, Verizon Cable Box Imminent

Microsoft has been saying for months, for years, that they’re in talks with folks at cable companies about using the Xbox 360 as a cable box, but Digiday reports today that the company is close to signing deals with Comcast and Verizon.

Citing multiple sources, digital media site Digiday reports that Microsoft is exploring a parnership with Comcast and Verizon Fios. According to one source, the Comcast and Verizon Xbox deals are “imminent,” Digiday reports.

If an agreement is reached Xbox 360-owning customers in the US would be able to subscribe to Comcast or Fios TV packages directly through their consoles without the need to install a set-top box. The deal could also lead to expanded services, programming guides and more targeted advertising.

The story also reports that separately, Microsoft is reaching out to television makers to incorporate the console in some televisions. Sony has already done something similar with the PS2.

Reached for comment Monday by Kotaku, both Verizon and Comcast declined to comment on this story.

Microsoft Pins TV Hopes on Xbox [Digiday]


      • And you’re blatantly rude.

        I haven’t lived in America.
        I don’t know if ‘cable’ tv runs differently to normal ‘arial in’ television. I assume it can run off satelite dishes, and set top boxes.

        As the xbox doesn’t have an input point for television… why is my question less than valid?

  • That’s great and all…but what abut us Aussies? Left in the dark again like the promised voice communication with kinect are we?

    • We’ve been able to use foxtel on the xbox for months, with all content delivered over the Internet. Pretty sure this is exactly the same thing.

  • I would assume it just works the same way as it does for Foxtel in Australia, they just stream the content through your net connection, rather than having an actual cable tv connection input, which, of course, is going to lead to massive quality degredation when your roommate/brother/dad/creepy uncle won’t stop watching porn.

  • At least in the US they can get away with this easier than here. But i’m not sure why you’d opt for this.

    A few months back I did a bit of research and with Verizon I think it was on their Fios network, which is Fibre I believe, for as little as 75 bucks a month you get 35mbps down & like 25mbps up with unlimited usage, 150+ cable tv channels & a rather awesome phone plan for the home phone.

    For like 115 a month you got something like 300+ cable tv channels & like 75mbps download with 35mbps upload.

    I could only research Verizon in the end because they were the only ones who wanted to tell me anything without needing details, phone number, address & other shit.

  • I am happy with the Foxtel on Xbox 360 service but I wish they would add the proper Foxsports channels and not Foxsports News and Foxsports Play.
    I hope they add HD streaming for people with greater internet connections. Watching Foxtel in ‘high’ quality on Xbox is okay but could be much better in HD, considering a lot of people have 1080p tvs now.

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