Science Finds People Can't Tell The Video Game World From The Real World

Research carried out by Nottingham Trent University, and which is soon to be published in the International Journal of Cyber Behaviour, Psychology and Learning, says that hardcore video gamers are having trouble distinguishing the real world from the virtual one.

Having polled an astounding 42 gamers aged between 15-21, some of the most extreme cases of what they're calling Game Transfer Phenomena include seeing conversation menus during a real life conversation, trying to use a controller even when you're not using one and just generally looking for stuff from a gaming world to help them get around real-world problems.

Some of the affected even saw "energy boxes" appear over people's heads.

The researchers say "A recurring trend suggests that intensive gaming may lead to negative psychological, emotional or behavioural consequences, with enormous implications for software developers, parents, policy makers and mental health professionals."

Earth to gamer, come in gamer: Video games are warping your view of reality [news]


    what a load of malarky

    This was an interesting ebook, nice world building kotaku.

    wow 42? you can call that "astounding"?
    15 to 21 age? I would have to take a look to that polls, but even without that I can pretty much assure those reseachers just got trolled.

      I know there wasn't any visual indication of sarcasm... but really? You missed that?

    I think the people that did this pathetic excuse for a study are the ones we should be keeping an eye on.

    This just in, reserchers trying to prove their hypotesis find way to prove their hypothesis... more at eleven...

    Until it's peer reviewed and repeatable it's trash, and since a google for the publication (International Journal of Cyber Behaviour, Psychology and Learning) doesn't seem to get hits that aren't this "research", I can only assume this is some researchers either:
    a) trying to make a name for themselves
    b) funded by the loons who want to blame GTA for everything.

    Untill it has been repeated and properly reviewed it doesn't count (that's how scientific reaserch works)

    42 as a sample size? I bet you those 42 were volunteers who came forward BECAUSE they were worried about their games' impact on their view of reality.
    => Skewed results that can be easily discredited.

      I would also suggest that participants in such a study could be the sorts of jokers that would say thats how they see life because they don't take the study seriously (much like listing yourself as a Jedi on the Census)

    I can just picture getting word that they were looking for gamers to poll, gathering up and bunch of mates, heading over to the institute and having a good ol' thigh slap at the expense of science.

    Is this a Douglas Adams joke?
    Are these researchers trolling?

    About as crossed over as it gets is terminology. Gold instead of money, mats instead of ingredients, etc.

    If the world is doomed because of this, I'd start with facebook tbh.

    "seeing conversation menus during a real life conversation, trying to use a controller even when you’re not using one"

    There's no way this can be real, I could go through way more than 42 gamers in my social sphere of people before I would even encounter 1 of these crazies.

    The closest thing to this I can think of is recently seeing a balcony sort of thing that could be accessed by both stairs at one end and a ladder at the other, and briefly concluding that the ladder was put there so It wouldn't be an OP camping spot, then after a few seconds realising that was the most idiotic thought I'd ever had!

    On the positive "Game transfer" side, playing race sims for all of my childhood gave me a good enough understanding of performance driving and car physics to be able to go do some club level motorsport at age 14, and actually be fairly good at it

    Hahahahahahhahahahahahaha! I think it might actually be the drugs!

    The exaggerated notion, he said, of a gamer one day not being able to tell difference between a game or reality is "rubbish".

    "That's rubbish. That's just not true," Griffiths said. As well as "That is something that journalists make up to sell newspapers.""

    Think he is a bit pissed of that this is being taken way out of proportion. To explain what the research actually showed
    "What we're talking about here are these kind of carry-over effects, whether they're auditory, whether they're tactile, whether they're visual. And people may have a nano-second or half-a-second when they think it's almost like they're in a game, but it's almost like a conditioned response and people know, very very quickly, that they are in the real world. And a lot of the time people are just amused by it. It's not something that's in any way causing problems."

    Linky for anybody nterested

    every time im up in a church tower/bell tower i think of using a sniper to gun down people. But thats mainly because of 100s of hours on dod_avalanche.

    Should i check myself into therapy?

      Well to be perfectly fair, that happened in real life before it became a valid game tactic.

    "Next on the O'Rielly factor."

    When I read this I had a few questions come to mind:
    So how long had these people been deprived of sleep to get these results?
    Did some random hobos wander into the interviews for this study?
    Did they give drug tests to those 42 people?

    These 'researchers' (if you can even call them that, a 42 sample size would have my old statistics lecturer puking in his suit) just got trolled. Which would have happened if I was brought into their study.

    "Yes doctor! I'm seeing... boxes over people's heads! And uh.. conversation wheels! Now where's my $200 for taking part in this study."

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