See Arkham City's Batman Without His Mask On

Maybe this is a spoiler for the game, I don't know, but DC is releasing three more Batman: Arkham City action figures later this year, and one of them features the game's hero looking a lot more Bruce Wayne than Dark Knight.

Joining the two figures revealed earlier this year, these three — Bruce Wayne, Robin and Harley Quinn — will go on sale in December.

Robin looks less cool the more we see of him, and I can live without Quinn, but I really like that Bruce Wayne. Especially since it's one of the few times this series has had much of anything to do with the other half of Batman's persona.

Batman: Arkham City: Series 1 Action Figures [TNI]


    Like the look of the statue coming with my Collector's Edition more than all of these combined honestly

      As stated, there Aciton Figgers tho. 'Aciton figger' is code for 'Dolls for Boys'. ;)

    The Harley Quinn one look very "bleh" compaired to the first games one

    "looking a lot more Bruce Wayne than Dark Knight"

    I would say he looks more Scott Tracy than Bruce Wayne.

      +1 Just needs strings!

    Doesn't really look like Batman/Bruce Wayne, bit of a let down really. There's no age in the face, no look of a hardened warrior. shame really

    what the?
    This just looks like a bad photoshop job.

    That's one long neck you got there batman.

      Tragic skiing accident

    "Maybe this is a spoiler for the game"

    When in doubt, make the (possible) spoiler the biggest image on the front page! WEE

    SPOILERS!! GOD!! You mean batman is really bruce wayne??! Thanks for ruining it for me.

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