Skydiving And Swordplay Abound In Skyward Sword's New Trailer

The newest trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword teases many of the events and characters seen in the first few hours of the game — the village of Skyloft, the Wing Ceremony, Zelda and Link, and the general dream-like beauty of the game. It also shows a few things that I wasn't able to see in my upcoming preview — sword combat against armed opponents, several of the more complicated, difficult enemies, and some scenes that take place on the surface lands below the clouds. Looks pretty nice, no?

Nintendo is rolling out a ton of content related to Skyward Sword, so we'll have more to share over the coming few days.


    *sigh* This trailer right here reaffirms exactly why I pre-ordered the special edition 2 a month ago.

    wow. I'm clearly not excited enough for this game yet.

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