Small Or Not, People Showed Up At Microsoft's TGS Booth

At this year's Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft's booth was smaller. Smaller doesn't mean empty.

There's been an assumption that because Microsoft has a smaller booth, the company is in retreat. Microsoft still sells only a couple thousand Xbox 360s a month. It's not going to be this console that helps Microsoft break though, but it could be the next one. Or the one after that. Or, why not, the one after that.

"There have been a lot of factors this year," Xbox boss Takashi Sensui told Kotaku. "Like the global financial crisis." Sensui agreed that the earthquake and the power shortages also played a part. It's been a rough year for Japan.

Microsoft's booth, which had a healthy amount of demo stations, drew long lines. Some of the titles had longer lines than the others. If only there were more demo stations. If only.

These photos were taken at around 3pm today at the Tokyo Game Show. Adult titles, such as Skyrim, Gears of War 3, Rage, Dead Island, and Onechanbara, were closed for the day by them.

Japanese fighting game Ougon Musou Kyoku X, which is based on Umineko no Naku Koro ni, had a very, very short line.

Note: All the waiting times are listed in minutes.

Top photo: Brian Ashcraft/Kotaku


    A lot of photos of signs I cant read.

      Because they don't have english translations right underneath the Japanese or anything. They're signs showing how long the wait for the Microsoft demos were...

    ... was hoping to see some cosplay Just Dance shots... :--]

    Why did he take pictures of the signs and not the games?

    Pretty stupid.

    Lol @ Microsoft having a booth a TGS.

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