Smash Bros PC Demake Super Smash Land Is Out, Free

Super Smash Land, the PC 'demake' of the beloved Super Smash Bros series is here in full, free of charge and looking faithfully Game Boy-esque.

Last December, we showed the game's demo release. Now, the complete version of the game is live and, as the statement on the site guarantees, it will always be free. So go check it out!

Download Free! [Super Smash Land via Piki Geek]


    *skeptical face

    I'm forcibly reminded of the Streets Of Rage "remake" for the PC, made by Bomber Games - another remake of a popular (and still sold) franchise that was ported to PC. Any bets on how long this port will last before Nintendo gets their legal team on it?

      I dunno. How long's Mugen existed? Super Smash Flash?

      Like most things. They can put a stop to it but by the time they do? More than enough people will already have it and then BOOM torrents galore.

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