So That Final Fantasy Music Game Sure Looks Bad

Final Fantasy Versus XIII looks great. Heck, PSP title Final Fantasy Type-0 looks great, too. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, that Final Fantasy music game, doesn't.

Stuff like this might fly on the iPhone, but this is actually a 3DS title — meaning, it will cost more than $0.99 to play this.


    I don't think it looks THAT bad. I'm already sold on the soundtrack, and I love rhythm games.

    But damn do those visuals suck.

    That same, repetitive CLANG sound in the battles = ridiculously annoying

    Now I need to play FF8 again!

    it doesn't look hooooorible but yeah, ill wait till its cheap on the iPhone if ever


    DAT SOUND :/

    I like rhythm games and I love FF so I was semi-interested in this game. This has disappeared since watching the trailer.

    Surely the footage from a playstation only game (FFVIII) has potential infringements being on a Nintendo machine? I know the IP belongs to SquareEnix but would have thought since the game has never been re-released on any other format that it's tied into a contract with Sony

    I want it :)

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