So That's What A Persona Fighting Game Looks Like... Wow

A Persona fighting game? It's really happening, thanks to the people at Atlus and BlazBlue creators Arc System Works. This is what it looks like — lovely! — and this is who will be beating each other up in Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena.

The Persona fighting game, coming first to arcades later this year, then to consoles, will pit characters from Persona 3 and Persona 4 in mortal combat, known as the "P-1 Grand Prix" in-game. See first screen shots below, with additional character art at Famitsu.

『4』から2ヵ月後を描く2D格闘ゲーム! [Famitsu]



    Oh and Mayonaka Arena = Midnight Arena.

    I don't think I've recovered yet from the shock I got yesterday when I heard the Blazblue team are making a 2D Persona 4 fighter. So awesome.

    Never played a Persona game, but I have to say they do look interesting.

    This looks tiiits.

    If only the other games where involved. That way you could play as Hitler.

    Dibs on Aigis!

    I was both excited and dubious when I heard te news. Now I'm just excited.
    Also, what's Rise doing in the corner there? My guess is she is going to be the fight commentator and will just pop in the middle dring specials and supers.

    My fist is gonna increase its Social-Link with your FACE!

    Confirmed for buying a 360 to jamma convertor as soon as this is released and playing it on my astro city

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