So, What Could The Next 3DS Look Like?

We know there's going to be a revised edition of the 3DS somewhere down the line. It's a Nintendo handheld, that's company policy. Only question is how soon will we get it, and what will it look like?

The when may be a lot sooner than either we or Nintendo were expecting. And the recent spur for all this "oh, you crazy 3DS, you" talk, the slide pad peripheral, may answer the what.

This mock-up posted over on NeoGAF, by user Graphics Horse, is pretty much the best thing we can hope for, especially since my own dreams don't look like they're going to be realised this time around.

Forget the DSi case, being used just for size's sake, it's the location and size of that second thumbstick that's important. For one, it's there, something that should have been there from the start, and second it's smaller, making it easier to slide into a casing that's already packed pretty tight.

Also, what would we call this thing? My money's on the 3DSDS (3DS Dual-Stick). Or the 3DS² to make it easier.

Then again, with a rebound in sales spurred by the recent price-cut in the US (Nintendo sold 235,000 of them in the US last month), maybe they can hold off a little while longer.

XL 3DS [NeoGAF, via Go Nintendo]


    why not just add an extra one and make it the 3DSDSDS (3DS³)

    How long was it between the Fat DS and the DS lite? Or even the GBA to GBA SP? I have a feeling the gap was it was a bit longer than this. Both of those changes didn't add any new functionality, just improved on some fairly major design issues - the screen visibility and shape of the GBA and the size and screen on the DS.

    There weren't any games that came out after the DSlite or the GBA:SP that could be played on only those devices, were there?

    Adding another thumbstick is almost like creating a new console. It'll separate which games I can and can't play on my original 3DS. That's going to piss a lot of people off, add-on device or not. Evem the Wii Motion Plus didn't require I buy a new _console_.

    Surely Nintendo aren't that stupid.


      they didnt add a second thumbstick to there original 3ds did they so yes they are that stupid

      It came out in the US November 21st 04 and the Lite came out in Japan March 2th 2006.

      So roughly 16 months, give or take.

    Doesn't matter what they do to the hardware, give me some must-have software and THEN i'll think about buying one.

    the same but 1 mm thinner

    I think that the 2nd slide pad will be the same size as the original, but at the top of the right hand side (with the buttons below it) so the layout can be as awful as the Wii U controller.

    The pic also doesn't seem to have a 3D slider, so it's more of a DSDS (or DS²)

    I still think the reaction to this add-on is a bit much, it just seems like something that's only used for Monster Hunter. Sure they'll release a second (and third?) 3DS, but I don't think it'll be anytime soon. People need to CHILL.

      Well giovanni has just said they have an add on for their games too, so it looks like the biggest releases need one.

    I actually wouldn't mind upgrading to a 3DS XL like that picture. I don't know if they would make one though, because of Streetpass needing a smallish sized unit to fit in pockets, etc.

    I never upgraded my original DS Phat so I think I would definitely with a 3DS.

    Anyway, I'm not sure if we'll see the 2nd slide pad in the revision. It really just depends whether Nintendo has any plans for that new peripheral other than to secure Monster Hunter for the 3DS. :P

      I would think they'd have to include the second stick in revisions, otherwise if they change the size (ala every DS revision) they would have to release a specific second stick add-on for every revision or forsake any revision-buyers by not allowing them to play Monster Hunter/anything else that uses it.

      I'd put my money on including the second stick for the first revision then pretending the original never happened like with the DS original.

    doe sit really need the second thumb stick? I don't even use the one I have now o_o

    It still angers me that this article even exists, just months after the console launched.

    NICE! This is so close to what had in my mind - Even the camera on the hinge! Freaky....Just add Extra shoulder buttons L2 and L3 and include multi touch for the bottom screen and we have a winner if it is still the same size as the current 3DS model and not the XL. Portability is the key here.

    What annoys me most is that when consumers said 'I'll just wait until the next gen 3DS' to which Nintendo came back with 'We have done it right first up, there won't be a second gen 3DS'.

    gg Nintendo.

    3DSDS? But it doesn't even have one stick.

    Pretty glad Nintendo are better at naming that you are, Luke, no offense.

    Instead of throwing money down the toilet, why doesn't Nintendo do something useful with their money? That's going to turn into to profit perhaps?

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