Some Concept Art From The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Some Concept Art From The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

If you buy the expensive collector’s edition of the new Elder Scrolls game, you’ll get a 200-page art book full of designs and sketches showing how a video game world was born.

If you’re cheap and just want to see some of the art, well, you’d better look here then.

There are four excerpts from the book in the gallery above, which at this stage has sadly not been announced for sale as a standalone product. Note to video game publishers: the more art books we can put on our coffee tables without having to buy video games in giant boxes, the better.

Perhaps fittingly, given people tend to stick around in Elder Scrolls games for the world and not the people, all the book images are environmental shots, of buildings and landscapes that will feature in Skyrim.

Also included is some of the other concept art from the game, shown earlier in the year but definitely worth seeing again.


  • Looking good. I wonder how close this is to how things will be in game? Oblivion really had crap shadows and lighting. If Skyrim has it nearly as good as this art that’d be awesome

  • Collectors Edition – I preordered this a year before release and was shafted by EB as they only got one copy for the whole district, but continued to take pre-orders for it! Corporate Pigs!

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