Sony Bringing Buttload Of New PS Vita Games To Tokyo Game Show

The Tokyo Game Show hasn't kicked off yet, but if Sony's unannounced line-up is any indication, you might as well call the show the PS Vita Game Show.

Sony is bringing a load of titles to TGS, which isn't that absurd. The Sony booth is always packed with games.

What is worth noting is there will be 18 unannounced PS Vita titles. Eighteen! That's a healthy number, especially for a portable that still isn't out. There will be three unannounced PS3 games, and one unannounced PSP title.

The Last Guardian isn't listed as one of the announced titles Sony will be bringing to TGS. No doubt there'll be a new trailer or something.

東京ゲームショウ2011の試遊出展予定タイトルの情報を公開。 [4Gamer]

Top photo:Katsumi Kasahara/AP


    I want some more Metal Gear Solid: Rising or The Last Guardian... I'm already sold on Uncharted 3 and Starhawk.

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