Sony Says PSN Has Added Three Million Users Since Attack

Sony Says PSN Has Added Three Million Users Since Attack

Howard Stringer, the chief executive of Sony, said at a Berlin electronics show that the PlayStation Network has recovered from this spring’s attack and 23-day outage by adding three million new users in the three months since.

“This year, we at Sony have been flooded, we’ve been flattened, we’ve been hacked, we’ve been singed,” Stringer said a news conference that CNET described as “short but defiant”.

“But the summer of our discontent is behind us,” Stringer said, saying PSN is “more secure and better than ever.”

Hackers brought down PSN and Sony Online Entertainment’s multiplayer offerings for 23 days beginning in mid-April, an attack that cost Sony millions in recovery costs and make-good gestures, and kept the PlayStation Store offline until E3 in June. As many as 70 million accounts were said to be affected in the data breach, one of the largest in history.

CEO: PlayStation Network growth recovers after hack [CNET]


  • Sony touting account numbers is pretty misleading…
    How do they know if they are new users or people who have added additional accounts to their current system or if some people created a new account for security purposes?

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking with security and wanting a new account. Did they announce whether or not they still kept user passwords in PLAINTEXT?! :p

    • Not to mention you’d have quite a few of the Australian PSN users with two accounts so they can access the US content etc.

  • From: CEO Howard Stringer
    To: All Employees

    After the attack on the Playstation Network we are getting a lot of negative press and may lose some users. In light of this could all employees please go home and create as many dummy accounts on their playstation 3’s to make it look as though we aren’t losing users and in fact are continuing to grow.

    If you don’t own a playstation 3 please go out and buy one or clean out your desk on monday, leave any user names or passwords on your desk, they should be safe there.

  • There is a significant number of my friends who are listed as not having logged on for 5 months. Corresponding precisely with the outage. Numbers might be up but some users were burned.

    • Until your details are used two years down the track. That’s how identity theft works. They don’t use your details straight away and most people decide to hope for the best instead of changing things.

  • I would be funny to get the number of accounts that hasn’t logged since the attack, I bet they surpas the new user number.

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