Sony: The PlayStation Vita Is Region-Free

We're one step closer to world peace and universal harmony, thanks to Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss and recent Tokyo Game Show keynoter Shuhei Yoshida. Asked if Sony's new PlayStation Vita handheld would be region-free and capable of playing software from any region, Shuhei said "Yes."

Well, that about clears that up. Yoshida would know, what with the fact that he's near the top of the game development food chain at Sony.

That means you can feel a little bit better about your Japanese import pre-order for the PlayStation Vita, content in the knowledge that, like the PSP and PlayStation 3, you'll have a portable that's capable of playing the weirdest of Japanese video games and Call of Duty.


    Huzzah! Gonna get a japanese one off play-asia then!

    Please keep that kind of talk away. Thats better suited for IGN thanks. Thats why i like Kotaku better, please do not be doing that

    Absolutely awesome news. Will be buying one as soon as Sony is willing to take my money.

    Yet another tick in the "win" column for PSV. That column is getting fuller by the day.

    *sniff* hes a saint

    Damn Sony you've annoyed me in the past but with the Vita you seem to be ticking all the right boxes - My Nintendo loyalty is starting to crack and I'm seriously considering getting this - at launch...

    I gonna gets me some portable Uncharted!


      Vita is doing everything right so far.

    Yep I'm convinced, will be buying it next year!

    Awesome, the only thing I play on my PSP nowadays is Japanese imports that never get released like music games...


    Please Sony here's the cash now where's my Vita?

    hmmm... as nice as this is, my question is to do with the same "region free" ness of the ps3... yes the console is region free for game discs... but dlc is region locked, backwards compatibility is region locked, multimedia playback is region locked... i hope the psv is truely region free and things like the dlc will be region free too

    Region free is a step in the right direction, but we also also need english translations for all those awesome jrpgs!


    On the region-ness, Sony seem to have got it right with PSP, PS3 and Vita. Microsoft have got it half-right with the 360 (a fair few games are region-free) and Nintendo suck balls on everything but the original DS.

    Dont be so excited.

    The question: "is it confirmed if the Vita is region free?"

    The Answer: "yes it is"

    That means yes it is confirmed, but not whether it is region free.

    The complete answer could quite easily be: "Yes it is confirmed, the Vita will feature region locking."

    English is tricky kids...

    If it's region free, then they have a lot of explaining to do in regards to the price here in Australia. If it's going to stay at $400, then I'll be ordering mine from overseas.

    What about the 3G do we have any idea whether or not the jap version will support 3G sims in Australia?

    3g is 3g where ever you are.

    does that mean it will cost less to import one into australia from amazon?, cos they only cost $249.99 in america (exchange rate is practically US$1 = AUS$1)

    and then my 3DS went up on craigslist

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