Sony's First PlayStation Tablet Out This Month, Costs $US500

To go with its PlayStation Phone, Sony will soon be releasing a pair of wild and wacky PlayStation-certified tablet computers as well. Which, as of today, have most of their release info locked down.

The S1, which is the more traditional tablet of the two, will go on sale later this month for $US500. It's also had a stupid name change, the perfectly sci-fi "S1" giving way to "Tablet S". Which sounds like medication for old people.

The S2, which is the DS-looking device, will go on sale in November. No word on its price yet, but it too has had a name change, and will now be known as Tablet P. Same joke as above.

Both tablets will be PlayStation-certified, meaning they can legally download PS1 games from Sony's marketplace.


    hmmm... why?

    PSone games are great, but its not really a good way to show off a new product, considering how crunchy they look nowadays

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