Sony's Sexiest PS3 Consoles Look Even Better In The Flesh

As you've seen already with the coloured Vitas, Sony has a range of fancy gear on show at the back wall of its Tokyo Game Show booth. Like the newly announced FFXIII-2 PlayStation 3 console, its sibling, the Ni No Kuni PS3 and the entire range of DualShock 3s.

If you didn't love the Ni No Kuni machine from its official press pictures, I can tell you, it looks even better in the flesh. It's the colour of champagne drizzled over ice cream. Yummy.


    I love the look of that Lightning model... pity about the game though.

      Well said!

      So you've played XIII-2? Man, how did you get such early access to it?


    haters will be haters!

    Hoping for an aus release of ANY LE CONSOLE DAMMIT!

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