Sorry, Star Fox For 3DS, That I Didn’t Know How Cool Your ‘Stage Guide’ Feature Was

Sorry, Star Fox For 3DS, That I Didn’t Know How Cool Your ‘Stage Guide’ Feature Was
Doing barrel rolls is super great and all, but Star Fox 64 3DS didn’t really capture my attention until today — when I showed up late to the party knowing about its “Online Stage Guide” features.

I’m not above perusing a FAQ now and then, so a little assistance for the Star Fox 64 noob — it’s true, I’ve only played the original Star Fox for SNES — might come in handy. But it’s the concept of in-game access to guides and online hints that may push me into purchasing the already-released Star Fox for 3DS.

I’d much rather see this in, say, Fire Emblem for 3DS and eventually the next Advance Wars, but we’ll take this in baby steps.


  • Um… How is this in-game access? The video clearly shows dismissing the game, opening the web browser and going to the stage guide online. The video could have just as easily shown instead.
    Theoretically, fan sites could build FAQs and Strategy guides in a similar manner, accessible in exactly the same way.

  • Yeah, misleading title is misleading. Oh and the article too, reading it again. Geez, Kotaku US really is useless isn’t it?

    I completely forgot about this, I do remember reading something about it earlier. And it is a pretty cool ideal. But yeah, no way in hell is it a feature of the game :/

  • I guess you could kind of count this as a ‘feature’, because it’s accessing the official website. But yeah, hardly in-game access.

    I’d like to see more of these types of guides online though (formatted to the 3DS screens, instead of just viewing a regular website).

  • This is a feature? Because when I’m playing something these days, I usually have a smartphone by my side to flick through guides if I’m stuck.

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