Square Enix Has An Original Role-Playing Game (With A Goofy Name) Coming To Nintendo 3DS

Next year, role-playing game know-it-alls Square Enix will grace the Nintendo 3DS with a new, original RPG. It's called Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, a silly name for a potentially intriguing game.

Nintendo showed off snippets of gameplay from Bravely Default: Flying Fairy at its 3DS Conference today, revealing a game that looked visually close to Nintendo DS game Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. But Bravely Default is pitched as an original IP, one that capitalises on the 3DS's cameras and augmented reality features for its gameplay. Expect AR cards to play some role in the 2012 game.


    So what's this, 10 games announced to be released by SquarEnix now?

      Apart from DQ9, SquarEnix games have not faired all that well on Mario's platform recently.

        Dragon Quest is a Level 5 game, Square just published it.

    Such a great name, I love it.

    Deep down I'm hoping it's a pun relating to generic heroes in JRPG's, but somehow I doubt that that's the case.

      Even including Squeenix's awful English titles, this one takes the cake.

      It's almost becoming a meta-reference to how fruity and nonsensical their regular games are.

    Bravely Default: Flying Fairy

    Bravey Default: Flying Fairly, Blavey Default: Frying Fairly, Blavrey Defaut: Fryling Faily.

      I tried saying the title a few times in quick succession because of your comment.... and lo and behold, it came out different each time! :/ lol

    Ahh, yet another contender for Worst Video Game Title ever, joining Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, and Dissidia 012 Duodecim.

    Square Enix, you've done it again!

      but those names have meaning to the story, like doudecim is latin for 12, in which it was the twelfth cycle of dissidia, so that makes sense (for people who understand the plot of dissidia)!

      and they'll probably explain why Kingdom Hearts 3D is called Dream Drop Distance in the game. KH: 358/2 days didn't make sense until you passed the game and neither did KH: birth by sleep!

      i like Square's titles, as they usually will mean something significant to the plot, maybe the title of this will make sense when we play the game!

    This name was begging for a Bad Translator treatment... ran it through 3 times for teh lulz.

    Original text:

    "Bravely Default: Flying Fairy"

    ...56 translations later Bing and Google give us:

    "(B), fruit, the public, Aviation"
    "And Finally"
    "Drying time:. Angel"

    All I want is some final fantasy roms in the e-store, and I will throw money at them... square, why you no do this!?

    Heroes of Ruin doesn't sound so bad. THe name is sensible. Although it was probably named something stupid and then Nspace stepped in and said lolno.

    Right up there with 'Infinite Undiscovery'. At least this title doesn't have any made up words.

    I heard they were considering calling it 'Cromulent Undiscovery' for a while there.

      'Cromulent Undiscovery: The Embiggening' sounds like an epic game.

    Hah. Sounds like something Coheed & Cambria would come up with for an album title... maybe with a "Volume *random number*" appended to the end.

    I know for experience that fliying fairies can get pretty annoying.

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