Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Square Enix Looking For PS3 Or Xbox Experience

A Final Fantasy Versus XIII job wanted ad lists PS3 package title experience as necessary, "or otherwise an Xbox 360 package title". But Versus is a PS3 exclusive! Just like FFXII was. Well, at one point. [Square Enix]


    I'm tempted.

    Versus are the ones with real time combat, right?

      Versus is the one with real-time combat.

      "are the", dude it's a single, standalone game.

        I thought this was a one of several versus games (understandable given how they pump out and name these games), and was asking if the real time combat was their defining feature.

        A check of Wikipedia has shown me that this was the first 'versus' game, but... at the time, in my mind, I used the correct word in the correct context.

    i think you mean XIII, XII was a PS2 exclusive!

    and also, they said that a xbox port is a high possibilty, they just said that it will be a port, and it will still run the best on PS3

    anyways, i got both consoles, so i don't need to squabble over these exclusive arguments...

    Guh, two screwups in a day Brian. Metal Gears Solid... FF12...

    Come on dude, the articles are literally like a sentence long, do some freakin' quality assurance here...

    no. no. no. no. no! stop wasting time developing for 360 and release it for ps3 like you promised us years ago!!

    What exactaly is "package title experiance"? Whatever it is though it sounds like experiance is just transferable from the 360 too PS3. That doen't mean the games coming to 360 so don't get hasty people.

    Also do writers here have a weekly quota on articles they need to write or something?

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