SSX Grinding On The Underside Of A Helicopter Is Kind Of Cool

If you were worried that the new SSX isn't totally wacko enough, as far as snowboarding video games go, maybe watch the 2012's game's latest trailer. It ticks all the correct crazy extreme sports action boxes, including a very nice flip under a helicopter.

Wing suits and chopper lifts don't seem like such bad additions now, do they?

SSX is slated for a release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in January of next year.


    I don't think anyone was upset about the wing suits and the chopper lifts (SSX3 had chopper lifts, anyway), it was more the "Deadly Descents" and the guns. I'm glad that the backlash made them reevaluate the aggressive direction.

      guns? o.o my excitement doubled when i heard about the squirrel suits making it in, ive always wanted a base jumping game, this is the closest thing to it now

        check out this game

    This is the first time I've heard that SSX is coming back.. ever since the release of PS3, I've been waiting.. looking back through the archive I can see that it's been announced for a while but it must have been missed by me..

    Stil.. good news.

    As much as I like me some shooters, I love me some SSX! Can not be more pumped for this!

    Sometimes I regret trading in my PS2 cause now I can't play SSX Tricky. They could at least port it over to the PS3 via PSN store !

    Still not sure if this game will be as much fun.

    Good to see they aren't going the realist, gritty approach. Can't wait to do tricks that just say **** you to physics.

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