Steam Gets The "WiiWare Where People Can Find It" Bundle

The "Indie 2D Bundle" has gone on a super-Steam-sale: you can grab Bit.Trip Runner, NightSky, NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits, Swords and Soldiers HD, and World of Goo for just $US9.99 total. Each game normally costs $US9.99 (discounted to $US39.99 for all five), so it's basically five for the price of one.

When Kotaku chatted with NightSky producer Tyrone Rodriguez earlier today, he mentioned that all five developers know each other, and wanted to do a kind of "indie friend bundle." Aww!

If you've yet to give these games a try, I recommend giving 'em a spin.

(And by the way, that headline was all Totilo. Props.)

indie 2D bundle [Steam]


    Is the title meant to be clever? A dig at the graveyard that is WiiWare?

      why so cereal?

        Get serial Richard Smack. I am going to need you to come at me bro.

    Not too sure about this one, maybe but I already have world of goo which looks to be the best of them.

    But if you are going to mention this why wouldn't you mention the other bundle that is on sale - Indie Strategy Bundle
    Defense grid
    Anomaly: Warzone Earth
    Revenge of the titans
    Sol Survivor

      Probably because it should be called the indie TOWER DEFENCE bundle.

        Which is a subgenre of strategy games.

          But should be a genre of its own as they now flood the (mobile atleast) market

    So, since I already own 4 of the 5, that would mean I would be getting one for the price of one. Everyone else, buy it.

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