Steam Trading Feature Goes Live

Last month Steam launched a beta for a trading feature that allowed Steam users to trade gifts and in-game items to other Steam members from Team Fortress 2, Portal 2 and Sega Adventure Spiral Knights. This feature has now gone live.

An auto-update kicked in today that made the feature available to all Steam users.

Valve is currently working with other developers to incorporate this feature into their games. The full Steam FAQ can be read here.

Steam Trading Feature Goes Live [Eurogamer]


    This is the reason BF3 was removed from Steam. EA claim that Steam want all micro-transactions to go through this trading system and approve all content, much like Apple does with the iTunes Store.

    I think it's one step towards a future of indistinguishable games and platforms... And I don't like it.

      I believe notch gave a similar reasoning for not having minecraft on steam in one of his blog posts

    *sigh* I read the headline and thought maybe I could trade the games themselves. The single big problem with Steam is I can't offload my used and unwanted games. I'd be happy to trade them in for a small amount of credit and buy someone else's license for cheap.

      Yeah the first time I heard about this feature that's kind of what I was hoping for. No joy.

    so whats the value of hats valve?

    whats the currency conversion for 1 hat to 1 dollar? Also does say a top hat equals the value or say 10 hats?

    So many unknown questions.

      These are the Real Questions In Life.

      This is the approximate values that most traders will pay:

      $1 - Refined, most hats.
      $10 - Bill's Hat
      $20 - Earbuds, or 2 Bill's Hat.
      $40 - A Flies, Confetti Unusual Hat

      Then it goes up depending on effect and how good looking the hat is. Some hats have gone for over $2000.

    I hate this move. Yay, let's reward idlers and people who have gotten items through complete luck.

    And, let's not reward any loyal customers.

      I know right?! I idled for hours on end, never got anything to show for it!! So unfair!

    I played TF2 for 76 hours and all I got was this fricken crate.
    Now I can't trade it for shit. Thx Valve.

      Sucks to be you. My last 76 hours of gameplay have gotten me at least 3 crates and about 7 items :P

        My last 76 hours gave me 3 hats (good ones) and about 15 other items :D

    Valve introduced a feature that doesn't directly affect me! Why are they so unloyal to me when I bought five of their games! How dare they reward other customers who play different games!

    First world problems, yo.

      My damn ham, cheese and tomato sandwich that I bought for $3.50 which was really fresh and had heaps of ham on it had way too much pepper! Damn my accursed existence!!!

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