Steam's Sega Sale Delivers $US3 Alpha Protocol, Super Cheap Dreamcast & Genesis Games

For fans of all things SEGA, Steam's running killer deals on Alpha Protocol ($US3), Aliens vs. Predator ($US9.99) and the Total War series. The Dreamcast bundle is just $US7.49.[Steam presents SEGA Weekend]


    Alpha Protocol is a bit under-rated, I reckon - I thoroughly enjoyed the plot, even if the gameplay was a little rough around the edges.

      I wish I could agree, but I couldn't get the game working for more than five minutes.

    Forced my mate to buy Alpha Protocol at that price. He WILL play it and he WILL enjoy it gorramit it. I got it for $7.50 in a past steam sale and would happily have payed full price for it had I known how much I'd enjoy it, those sneaky reviews put me off.

      Didn't Alpha Protocol receive a couple of decent patches that fixed a few of the technical issues with the game?

      $3 is oh so tempting but I dont think I can afford to add anything else to my pile of shame atm, especially if Im not going to get any achievements for playing it :P

    I'd get Alpha Protocal if I didn't have a 'Pile of Shame'.

    Alpha Protocol was a classic example of some good ideas going to waste due to shoddy (and "shoddy" is being very polite) execution.

    $45USD for Shogun...yes please

      You can get the limited ed from ozgameshop retail for udner $40. And its been that way since release!

      Oooh look, Steam has it for 50% off...its finally inline with retail prices from other stores!

    I'm so torn over the dreamcast bundle - I just want to plsy sonic adventure, but Id probably play crazy taxi and space channel if I had them and its only $2.50 extra...god dammit steam you're doing it again

    $3 for Alpha Protocol? I bit on that. No matter how many issues a game has, if I can get it to be somewhat playable and the story lasts more than an hour then $3 is a good deal.

    $3 is about right. But like many people, I have more games in my Steam library than I have time to play them. Money's no longer even an issue, it took a lot of effort to put enough time aside to finish Deus Ex. I'm not sure I can do the same with Alpha Protocol, no matter how cheap it is.

    Alpha Protocol is seriously underrated. It's a wonderful, beautiful mess. Much like Deus Ex.

    Not as good as Deus Ex, but great just the same.

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