Street Fighter X Tekken Opens Up 'Pandora Mode,' Adds Online 'Scramble' For 4 Fighters

The battle between Capcom and Namco Bandai's most famous fighters in Street Fighter X Tekken just got a little more interesting, thanks to some new modes revealed in time with the Tokyo Game Show. Just what are Pandora and Scramble modes?

The former lets fighters sacrifice their tag team partners for a "short, but powerful, boost in strength" and a very fancy colour change. The justification for Pandora Mode is explained in the game's latest trailer. Capcom's Seth Killian briefly explains on Twitter that Pandora Mode is "not a simple comeback mechanic, more like an unholy high stakes gamble."

Street Fighter X Tekken's Scramble Mode adds support for four separate players, online or offline, letting them control each of the four characters per match.

Finally, the cross collaboration introduces the Briefing Room. "Get your combos and timing just right with help from your friends in this online training mode," explains Capcom.

See new screens of Street Fighter X Tekken's new modes, new fighters and bear flatulence in the gallery above. Keep an eye on Kotaku this week for more news from the Tokyo Game Show.

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    This is going to sound sad, but did anyone else realise at 1:33 that it's the same bear sound as that found in WoW?

      i wonder if its the same sound they use for real bears in the wild and zoos?... o.0

        Don't be a smart arse. :P

        I mean it's the EXACT sound.

    Meh, better to just ignore this game until Hyper Street Fighter versus Tekken is released.

    Hyper, ultimate, Arcade editions - probably a few more eventually.

    Kotaku, this is a long shot but is there a way to get some sort of confirmation from Capcom or Killian as to whether there is going to be add-ons for this game like Super SF4: and Ultimate MVC3?

    Is it just me or is Lili's legs shorter...

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