Study On Effects Of Violent Games: Blame The Player, Not The Game

A study by Villanova University psychologist Patrick Markey suggests that the personality of the person playing a video game is more likely the cause of violent behaviour than the actual content of the game.

"If you're worried about a video game turning your son or daughter into a killer, don't worry about that. But is your kid moody, impulsive, or are they unfriendly? It's probably not the best idea to have that child play violent video games," says Markey.

"Video games are not simply good or bad for everybody. But for some individuals who have certain dispositions, if they play video games they're much more likely to be negatively affected."

Some among you may have already assumed this and believe it for yourselves, but it is good to see the concept supported by research. Markey found that people with certain personality traits, neuroticism and low agreeableness chief among them, are more likely to become more hostile from gaming.

Competitive games also add to the causes, says Markey. "We found — irrespective of violent content — the two highly competitive games produced more aggressive behaviour than the two less competitive games."

Will this research help debunk the idea which some people have that the content in violent games can turn every child into a savage, just waiting to take to the streets and pillage their surroundings? Maybe. At the least though, for now, it can help gamers and gaming supporters justify their position.

Don't study the video game, study the player [USA Today]


    simpleton religious nuts. Take that, it's called LOGIC!

    ACL has got ignoring evidence on rote. Why would this new evidence make a difference? Its never been a rational debate.

    So what your saying is that human beings are self-determining? That we are not a pack of mewling sheep begging for direction, relying on the good faith of our leaders to protect us from anything that would make us do "Bad things" simply because we saw it on TV and so concluded that meant it was ok? Perish the thought.

      +infinity haha. well worded good sir


      What they seem to forget, good sir, is that whilst we do indeed need some form of direction, nobody ever said it need come from a work of fiction studied by a group of pedophiles.

    Finally another study that will be ignored until it is the inspiration for an unbalanced news story about how violent video games are causing violence! Haven't seen one of those in a while

    I misread Patrick Markey as being a psychopath rather than a psychologist the first time. It puts this entire article into an entirely different light.

      I can see how misreading that one term could definitely change how one reads the article.

    The perfect sub-title and caption for this article and it's picture would be "Oh, snap!"

    Hmmmm. Kids that are moody, impulsive, and unfriendly. Sounds like every teenager I ever knew; Including me at that age. :p


    Fox News version: "Study on violent video games effects children."

    (They'll just paraphrase the report for effect)

    At this rate by the time I go on my killing spree my "Games made me do it so let me go" defence Will be totally blown out of the water.

    Though I just heard from the ACL that games cause impotence.

    If it wasn't for conservative nutjobs we wouldn't need to waste time and money on studies like this, it would fall into the 'common sense' category. I'm not religious and I have no problem with religion until someone sticks their views so far in my face that it begins to effect me... Then it's war, with science as my canon and logic as my sword.

    Sigh. Im gonna make this damn clear to those who think violent video games are causing deaths, im glad that study is happening and making progress on how violent video games seem to affect different people, but im one of those few who WILL get angry pretty easily but that doesnt mean i will snap and go try to kill someone. I use video games as a venting tool (doesnt mean i scream at others over teamspeak or something either.

      /facepalm self
      also forgot to mention, It isnt just the people or the videogame, The developers just want to make an enjoyable game that alot of people will enjoy but they cant please everynoe, especially over protective parents or religous nuts, or those who say video games are a waste of cash (AKA stepdad whos stuck in the 60's) lol

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