Sunday Comics: A Fraction Of The Price

Welcome to your Sunday read of the week's best in web comics. Make sure to click on the expand button in the bottom right to enlarge each comic.

Awkward Zombie by Katie Tiedrich published Sept. 12. — Read more of Awkward Zombie

Nerf NOW!! by Josué Pereira published Sept. 14. — Read more of Nerf NOW!!

Penny Arcade by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik published Sept. 16. — Read more of Penny Arcade

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things by Kelly Turnbull published Sept. 12. — Read more of Manly Guys Doing Manly Things

Brawl In The Family by Matthew Taranto published Sept. 15. — Read more of Brawl In The Family

Virtual Shackles by Jeremy Vinar and Mike Fahmie published Sept. 14. — Read more of Virtual Shackles

Dueling Analogs by Steve Napierski published Sept. 16. — Read more of Dueling Analogs

ActionTrip by Borislav Grabovic and Ure Paul published Sept. 12. — Read more of ActionTrip


    What happened to all the pictures? Format fail.

    Did I miss something or are there no comics?

    Wait, maybe WE are the comic.

    Ohhh ... the pressures on ....

    I can't think under pressure!

    *jump out of article*

      i like that.
      The last frame of the comic is people actually goinh back and doing some work....

    Comics are so much funnier when you can just imagine something that is hysterically funny to you. It's like the comic is tailor made specifically for you.

    I'm imagining a really funny one right now. Hahahaha. He said "poo". *wipes tear*

    Can you guys at Kotaku just fire Owen Good & other uncompetent journalists?

      KotakuUS would have no staff left if they did that. Also I think you mean incompetent :P

    The javascript heavy US format vs the plain and usable AU format. I vote AU.

    Oh shit I almost thought I was in a bashcraft article

    It should also be noted that you can't even read the comics at the KotakUS site considering some of the ads overlap with the comics themselves when you try to enlarge them.

    Not to mention the obvious, 'let's post these articles straight from one site in one format to another site with a different format' simply doesn't work, and leads to issues like the one in this article right now.

    Put me down in favour of sacking everyone at KotakUS

    I'm not too keen on the whole picking on Kotaku train that seems to be prevalent these days, but this is a bit rich. Here's my article for Kotako anyway.

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