Sure, Play The PS Vita In Your Car

A new gaming portable means more than new games. It also means new peripherals, and that's exactly what Sony is giving the PS Vita.

Some of the peripherals are no surprises (a pouch! a cloth!), while others are other slightly more interesting.

Sony also provided the Japanese pricing for the PS Vita memory cards. Let's dive in.

At the PS Vita's December 17 launch, the following items will be available: 4GB Memory Card (¥2200 or $28), 8GB Memory Card (¥3200 or $40), 16GB Memory Card (¥5500 or $70), 32GB Memory Card (¥9500 or $122), AC adaptor (¥1800 or $23), USB cable (¥1300 or $16), PS Vita cradle (¥2800 or $35), in-ear headset (¥2800 or $35), protective film (¥800 or $10), card case (¥600 or $8), case (¥1800 or $22), pouch (¥1500 or $20), travel pouch with cleaning cloth and wrist strap (¥2300 or $30), and a carrying pouch (¥1800 or $22).

Obviously, this is Japanese pricing. If these items are announced for the West, each region should have different pricing.

A car adaptor and a portable charger are planned for release in the first half of 2012. Pricing is TBA.


    all handheld devices has a car charger now, this is no news, tell me somthing i dont noe......

    I might just import this...

    Woah, that costs quite a bit for just a memory card! :/

      Doesn't sony use some proprietary memory card? If so there's your extra $$$.

    Alright I'll say it.

    Thanks for a bit more info this time Brian. Much better than 2 sentences.

    PSP had a car charger as well, thats not really a new thing lol

    Still can't make up my mind if I'm going to bite though, I'm tossing up between keeping the 3DS or trading it for one of these

    im a huge fan of the ps vita im getting one for my birthday

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