Surely Someone Wants To See Virtual Felicia Day Splattered With Lizard Blood

Ripped from the trailer for Dragon Age II's Mark of the Assassin downloadable content, two screenshots of a blood-splattered Felicia Day in action and a picture of a courtyard. Man, courtyards are so hot.

Of course I'd rather show you some screenshots that aren't pulled directly from a trailer, but BioWare is a busy company that's laser-focused on creating games like Mass Effect 3, The Old Republic, and a better Dragon Age than number II. We're lucky we got a trailer.

You'll eat your screenshots and you'll love them!


    Is it just me or are those graphics meh?

    Give character red hair
    call Felicia day

    Can someone explain the appeal of Felicia Day?

    Cause, I just don't get it.

      She's got this kinda hot, nerdy thing going on. not my usual, but nice.

        She's my serious, long-term girlfriend.

      Watch "Legend of Neil". 'Nuff said.

      She's a cute girl who's into nerdy crap, so male nerds want her and female nerds want the devotion thrown at her.

      It's kinda weird and I never saw the hype myself, if she wasn't a gaming celebrity, most wouldn't give her a second look in real life. She's not particularly talented either and was by far, the worst thing about Dr Horrible.

    Should've gone with Meg Ryan

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