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    Well, today could be interesting. I decided to stay up all night watching MLG to help reset my body clock, so now I'm tired, and when I'm tired I become exceedingly inane. So, if I post anything even weirder than usual, you'll know why!

    Also, Rocketman, I was wrong, there was a new Doctor Who, and it was great! There were also muchly spoilers.

    It took less than an hour to make the atoms, a few hundred million years to make the stars and planets, but five billion years to make man! - George Gamow

      Really new dr who yay. I think I might have to acquire it and watch it Wednesday as that is when I get home. I thought it wasn't until 2 weeks time. Oh well

    Hello TAY, good morning form SA

      Good Morning Numbers, attempting to take a greater part in TAY I see!

        Yep, I'm home sick today, so maby I can post more and be more activly engaged in conversation, instead of just lurking and posting a comment a day

          Home sick you say? Have the day off says I.

          Quick! too the LoL mobile!

      Maby if I mak mor tiepos, nowun will notis the fist won

        I'm pretty sure that if you'd ignored it we would have too. But now? We should mock you mercilessly!

      You are from SA? I thought no-one was from SA.
      Aside from the James Macs.

      I thought this was the start of a rap.

        I'm here this morning to say G'day?

        I'll make all those non-gamers pay?

        I'll mow them down in a gamer-slay?

        I'm not very good at raps...

          For those guys who have started playing Dawn Of War recently:

          I was hoping a new version would have been released by now, but shouldn't be too long!

    Hopefully Deus Ex (DEUS EX! DAYSEX!) arrives today (TODAY!).

    It's looking amazing.

    Anyone have spoler-free impressions? I've heard some of the boss battles are painful for characters that haven't invested in pure combat.

      I'm really loving it. Conversations play a big part, sneaking is lots of fun, as is trolling the ai with my stealth ability,

      I just wish that some of the textures were higher quality, and that the boss's could be defeated in the same way as you could in the original.

      Last night I dreamt I was doing sidequests in Deus Ex for Justin Beiber (in game).
      I... I think I need a break from this game?
      But it's so good. Wat do?

        Play it more so that it removes the Bieber aspect.

          If Beiber was in game, the only conversation options you would have would be to smack him down.


            Excuse me, I just had an idea for a game I could make.

        Take a break from the game. Give it to me instead. :)

      I spent about 1.5 hours on the first mission (the first real mission, when you have Augs). I was playing it stealthy, and also was screwing around and reading peoples emails and exploring every room I could. I also love the conversation system (It's like the one from ME2, so i spend ages talking to people and finding every detail). I'm liking it, but the game seems to crash routinely for me every hour or so, so my play sessions are generally an hour long.

        Yeah, I've had a moderate number of crashes, all but one were during loading screens so it wasn't too bad.

      I'm having a lot of fun in it. The story and world are both really interesting. Both the conversation and stealth elements are enjoyable. The hacking minigame is actually pretty fun.

      I've only done one boss battle so far and it was pretty hard. Took him down in the end though.

      I to dreamed about Deus Ex last night. Also dreamed about falling over giant waterfalls again and again and again. I blame watching Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on Saturday.

    Here's to a new week all, hope this is the start of an awesome week for all of us.

      Now the well wishes are done for the day,
      I felt like I needed a new nerdy T-shirt, so I ordered one of these on the weekend.


    Greetings one and all!
    The Anonymous Pessimist would like to invite you to join us on a journey!

    A journey of discovery and adventure!

    AP is thinking of doing a KotakuAU/TAY podcast featuring regulars talking about stuff n things.

    Anyone interested in taking part should email him at: the.tsharp[at]gmail[dot]com

    I'll be taking part also, dispensing my vast amount of knowledge to all who care to listen to my captivating scottish brogue.


      Jamie Watt: The closest we can get to Serrels' voice.

      And everyone should know that I'm always up to spread the beautiful sound of my voice around.

        And then we'll randomly break into song yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

          Laggy teamspeak or equivalent singing. Nice.

            If alcohol is involved, I might join you in the singing.

            Because of the accent I can only sing "I'm On My Way (500 Miles)" and other Proclaimers hits(?).

              500 Miles by the Watt for podcast musical intro. It is decided.
              ...Podcasts have musical intros, right? I only listen to one and they do, so I just assume all other ones do.

          We'll sing 'Fatshady", to tune of Bieber's 'Baby' :P

            There's three syllables there, it cannae be done!

            Anyway, no musical use of the term Fatshady will ever top my Christmas song. *Sticks hands over ears and refuses to listen to logic*

            It's already been done with "Banelings"

              "Banelings" is two syllables, two and a half at the most, so it fits with the song.

      I'm guessing we need to be in Sydney, or can I make a cameo as a skype call???

        It'd probably be done online, so that it could have a wide variety of guests and people to contribute to the game related discussions.

        I think we'll be skyping it in. I'm not too sure on the deets so you'd have to talk to AP.

          Any dates yet? Im gone all next month...

      I'd be very interested but I keep fearing I'll be a silent robot in many subjects of discussion

      I'd be interested in helping. Don't know how much knowledge I could bring to the table though.

      Would the teamspeak server work for this? You use it more than I do, but it has built in recording etc.

      I could join in on this activity and I can guarantee that doing it over TeamSpeak is amazingly easy. Anyone who has joined in on the Batman Let's Plays knows that it is a pretty simple task as long as the person doing the recording isn't a retard.

      So when I'm doing it it isn't a completely simple task.

    The apostrophe in Let’s seems to have disappeared… Will have to fix that.
    Viva le francais!
    For Strange!

    Also, played some mad Tekken at the weekend with AP! He’s made me pick up a stick for proper fightiness! TWO STICKS FOR THE CAN’D MEAT! FIGHTING TOURNAMENT IS GO!

    I like bold…

    I miss Mark...

      You know that Mark's still here, right? Unless there's some other Mark...

      Or Maybe Mark's secret twin brother Mark.

      Forced to follow his brother in the hope of beheading him, and gaining his Highlander powers!

        I'm pre-missing him...

          If you want I can steal a lock of Mark's hair and jam it into my computer so that any time I post anything on Kotaku there will be a piece of him caressing the information travelling through the wires and cables...

    Just pulled an all-nighter for finishing my assignment due in about an hour and there's 31 comments in TAY already?!

    Luckily class ends at 1pm today so I can snooze after I finish my 3-hour lecture woooooooot.

    I think I'll get coffee regardless.

    Oh hey, a KotakuAU/TAY podcast? Seems interesting but I doubt I'd be in anyway helpful other than being a loyal listener.

    So everyone's been playing Deus Ex: Human Rev so...I decided that I'd start to play the first one! I'm enjoying it a lot and it's actually making me pretty amped to play the new one.

      There's something about the original that is just wonderful. Where are you up to?

        I'm breaking into a warehouse to
        deactivate some generator. Pretty early on.

          And yet still further than Rocketman.
          *shakes fist*

      It's awesome! I don't think my disc copy works very well on my laptop though.


      I would but those graphics, so bad, so old, I don't think I could handle it.

    I borrowed The Saboteur off a friend and sprung for the Midnight Show DLC since it was only 240 MS points. Obviously being a pre-owned copy and I was in turn borrowing it, the code was long gone.

    Now I mainly bought it for the extra in-game stuff like hiding places and I think you get extra vehicles or weapons or something... and infamously, the game hides the nudity from you to punish you if you don't have the DLC.

    Then the first think you see in the game is a topless woman singing in the opening cutscene. It's like they were saying "ok, you bought the game new, here is your reward".

    The thing I actually found most amazing about the game is that I popped in the disc of a game from 2009 and there was no patch for it to download from XBox Live. I have played games on an ongoing basis that have required multiple patches just this year - but this two and a half year old game is apparently so well made that absolutely no update of any kind was deemed necessary.

    That's certainly encouraging.

    So far, it does seem to hold up. Gameplay is great and the story is alright if not complex. The protagonist is a bit one dimensional and the prologue backstory didn't really deepen his character so much as provide an excuse as to why he's good at driving, blowing shit up, and killing Nazis.

    However, I'm finding it much more enjoyable than Just Cause 2, the other sandbox game I bought recently, because the missions are kind of frustrating. Look, parachuting along a road and grappling to a limo to hijack it? Awesome. Manning that road cow across 2km of winding mountain road while the people trying to 'protect' my unwilling passenger shoot the hell out of it? Baffling, and frustrating. I'll go back to it once I'm done with Saboteur, maybe.

      Yeah, I wouldn't call The Saboteur well made. At all. The reason there have been no patches is that Pandemic Studios has been defunct since its release. In my not-very-long with the game I saw a multitude of hilarious, though no real game breaking glitches.

        Hmm. Well I haven't had that long with it but I haven't experienced anything I'd call a glitch. And as you say, they're not gamebreaking or anything. Anything that makes me laugh instead of scream and hurl my controller across the room, I consider a feature.

          They were mostly in two forms for me: Massively derp ai (which made it stupidly easy at times)
          And cars not functioning properly, typically in the realms of "people being in them," or through them, or in invisible cars. Things like that. Hilarious.

            Stupid easy doesn't bother me like it used to, I'm getting old. Though so far I kind of wish I'd had the nerve to start on Hard instead of normal because it really hasn't been much of a challenge so far. I'd up it now, knowing what I do, but I'm sure there'll be some difficulty spike that will have me ragequitting if I get too cocky.

            I will keep an eye out for derpy AI! So far, I have only experienced guards who won't raise an alarm until you start shooting at them, because apparently the grenade that just took out half the squad didn't make it apparent enough that there is an enemy nearby (I felt raining grenades on everyone was the most effective way to steal a bottle of champagne).

            One feature I REALLY like is that while disguised you can "walk like a Nazi" instead of sneaking to reduce your suspicion circle. It's such an obvious idea but I don't think I've seen it implemented so cleanly before. Even games like Hitman: Blood Money seem to have a suspicion meter which arbitrarily decides you are acting suspicious if you unwittingly do the wrong thing or go to the wrong place. Realistic, I guess, but it did make for some frustrating gameplay.

            Despite this though, Hitman Blood Money is still one of my all time favourite games.

          I absolutely love Saboteur, to the point I finally unlocked all achievements for it, as you pointed out the main character is very one dimensional and don't expect the story to evolve in anyway, however the draw of the game for me was the gameplay.
          For me it was always enjoyable, even though you are blowing up the same guard post/gun emplacement/radar ish several hundreds times each, rather strangely I never found it repetitive. It also gets more enjoyable as you unlock new perks and weapons, this leads to new more enjoyable tactics on blowing the entire countyside to smithereens.

            I'm planning to get all the achievmeents for it - it was an unspoken challenge to my wife and I from the friend who loaned it to us. He boasted that he had 1000/1000 gamerscore, his veiled assertion that he had achieved what we could not. Oh, we will teach him!

            LOVED The Saboteur. My contender for most underrated game of 2009. :)

    Morning all. Found CS and CS:CZ for $5 on Steam over the weekend. Barely had time to play it though, too much house renovating.

    Did any Melbourners go to Manifest last weekend? I went to my fist one on Friday and Saturday and had a great time, so many awesome cosplays! I bought 2 figures and Persona 3 which all together cost $200, which is nothing compared to my friends who spent thousands upon thousands.

      I haven't been to Manifest since 2003, I think I easily spent over $700 on swag - $200 of that was on some Robotech collectibles I won at auction.

      It was a blast but mainly because it was an excuse to catch up with friends I'd met at smaller conventions (I started going to cons starting with Comicfest back in 2001 before it became Supanova) and people I'd met via the Madman Entertainment forums. It was just a great way to hang out with a whole bunch of people all at once who you don't normally get to see because we live in different states.

    Hello taybies, hope you all had a great weekend. What's good?

      Deus Ex!

        *shakes fist, stares longingly at postbox*

        Everyone keeps telling me this. I didn't get into the first one (too busy playing Descent) but it looks pretty rad!
        Will have to check it out :)

          Want to know a secret? I haven't played the first one either. Don't tell anyone!

      Dancing is good.

      As is sleep.

        If VtM:B and ME are anything to go by, dancing is terrible and no one should ever do it.

        God I miss sleep.
        and DDR.


          There are certain advantages to being an unemployed bum who is a drain on society.

          Not having money and the derisive looks kind of counteract the positives though...
    The next Minecraft Update is looking too awesome for words!

      Hell yes it is! I'm liking the randomly generated towns and the slightly more complex combat. I was also amazed that they're saying they expect the game to be in full release by the end of the year. You think there's anything really huge they're holding back for then?

        Boss fights probably. Notch mentions bosses in that video, something along the lines of "you'll have to collect a few (something or others) before you can fight it" or something like that (I think). He's also previously mentioned dragons and, more recently, volcanoes.
        What I'd like to see is a giant dungeon inside a volcano with a dragon you must slay. :D

      Assuming I haven't ballsed up the link (I'm really tired): is everything more or less confirmed for 1.8/1.9.

        Is the inevitable delay confirmed in there as well?
        Woooo, 2012. Maybe.

          I reckon 1.8 in Late September, and 1.9 at the very end of October, so they can push out an update of 2.0 for their "final" build that won't be at all final on their release date thing.

            I LAUGH IN YOUR FACE

            I dunno, Notch seemed pretty confident 1.8 was ready to go once he got back from PAX. We might even see it by the weekend.

              You know, it's sounding less and less like Minecraft 1.8 and more like Minecraft 2...

    Greeting all, your friendly neighbourhood Barbarian has returned from a week of family enforced hard labour... damn family.
    May attempt to read last weeks TAY, but it is most unlikely I will be able to find a spare week to read all of it, so who is up for a summary?
    What juicy gossip did I miss out on?
    Who has married who?
    Who has suddenly come down with amnesia? Who's long lost evil twin has returned to disrupt life?

      Summary of last weeks TAY:

      Chuloopa: SPACE MARINE!!!!!!!!!
      Everyone else but Strange: DEUS EX!!!!!!!!
      Strange: SHUT UP!!!!!!!

        That's... a pretty good summary really.

        Not to mention Kotaku story thingo part 3.

        That was last week, right?

        You also forgot



        HEY HEY HEY! When did I mention Deus Ex? Huh, HUH??!


    Serrels has got himself sunburnt again.

    *shakes head in disbelief*

    I think he needs a dedicated sunscreen assistant. To rub it sensuously over every-



    I'm hoping this is a good enough excus-er, reason as to why I was absent from TAY on Friday.

      That is a pretty awesome ball hitty thing! (That's totally what they're called)

      Oh also I guess that helmet is pretty rad too!

    Good morning all. How was everyone's weekend? Friday night, F4ction, Jo, Blaghs, Techie and I played some Dawn of War, after almost 2 hours of trying to get the multiplayer to work, we finally got into a game. My custom team name was "Jo's Lover" and I think he got really shy after that because he kept "dropping out" and eventually his "game crashed". It was my first time ever playing Dawn of War, I got my arse handed to me on a plate by Techie within the first 10mins, didn't fare too well in the following game either.

    On Saturday, we played some LoL and I have a new-found hate for Veigar, that little prick kept killing me. So I think I'm going to try playing as him at some point. Went out Saturday night, and I think it was the most tense party I've ever been too. Everyone there except my girlfriend and I, had something going on and people were avoiding each other, screaming matches kept breaking out. It was quite amusing.

    Sunday, I met my new cousin, he's possibly the cutest baby I've ever seen and I spent 5 hours at my mum's place, getting the backyard set up for my 21st this weekend. Then played some Deus Ex last night, I am loving that game so much.

      Veigar can be annoying (He's the mage I play as) and can be lethal end-game. He has a nifty area-effect stun and can lock down an entire team if it's placed right and can meat out a lot of burst damage. When playing as him I feel his main weakness is the cooldown on his stun - if you can dodge it (by getting out of the way or staying in the middle of it without touching the edges) you should try focus the little bludger down before his cooldown refreshes (think its something like 14 seconds with cooldown reduction).

      Also his ulti does lots of damage, with even more damage if you have ability power (does an extra %80 of the targets ap) so if you've stacked ability power don't go after him alone.

      Also, 21 - Woot! Any shinanigans planned for your party?

        Yeah doesn't his ultimate also do like 25% of their mana as extra damage?

        Yeah I'm having a party at my mums place. Should be good, pretty much everyone reckons they're coming so there should be around 70 people there..

          Party at your mums place and everyone's invited?
          You don't even need to add anything!

    I've been sewing like a madperson all morning trying to get my super-secret project finished because I hate it now and just want it gone.
    Because I was rushing I messed up and now I have to unpick a bunch of stuff but I don't have time because I have a doctor's appointment. So I guess there'll be no finishing today and it'll still be sitting there mocking me tomorrow. Yay.

    Oh, and I promise not to throw any tantrums this week. ;-)

      Never have I been so interested in a sewing project.
      You must post pics when you are done.

    I'll repost this as I accidentally posted it as a reply:

    For those guys who have started playing Dawn Of War recently:

    I was hoping a new version would have been released by now, but shouldn’t be too long!

      No, first off, everybody gets bare minimum up to Dark Crusade. At least then we'll have all the available units and we have extra races to choose from.

    I saw someone mention earlier that they never played the original Deus Ex, neither did I. I played the first 2 levels of Invisible War about 3 months ago but the graphics were so dated :/ it was hard to get into it. It was also around the same time I got The Witcher 2 and I spent all my time playing that.

      You guys...


          I've seen it on a number of cans in random storage areas.
          There's the forever alone guy floating around on a post-it note somewhere too.

            That is so awesome. I haven't zoomed in on anything really. I have a lot of fun hacking people's computers and reading their emails :P

            Haha, I went through the hacking mini-game on all these computers and then realised just after that I'd actually found a pocket secretary with the password in there :/

              Whereas I go into a computer, see that I already know the password, and hack it anyway.

                Yeah it is fun :P

                How hilarious was the Nigerian scam email?!

              I hacked a computer, and afterwards found a post-it with the password on it RIGHT NEXT TO THE SCREEN.

        Dammit I want Daysex now.
        But to get it on my inferior PC and deal with crappy visuals and crashing or wait 3 weeks and get it from Ozgameshop?
        That is the question.

          I think you're better off waiting, better visuals will be worth it, especially for your first look at it.

            Option C: buy off ebay for only $10 more than Ozgame and get it in a day or three.

        Nice! I was rummaging around for emails and found the nigerian scam one. I took a screenshot but didn't upload it!

    Finally ordered my first games from an online store. Pre ordered Spacemarine for $50 and got ME2 for $18 from ozgameshop. I feel like I might never need to go into a game shop again. weird.

      It's great, isn't it? My only problem is that often I can't wait the 2-3 weeks for it to be delivered, so I go out and buy it straight away anyway :/

        But thats good too!
        You order the game and then forget about it, then it shows up weeks later and it's like someone is giving you a surprise gift. Awesome.

        Oh and welcome to the Space Marine bandwagon.
        PS3 or 360?

          It actually just depends on what's available when I go into buy it. I have both and like both so I'm not phased. Not sure if I'll be able to get it on launch, as I move house next week and have my 21st this weekend, so I'm a little strapped for cash..

          I been on this wagon since before it had wheels! I've been talking it up with loops since the first post.

          360 for me. For anyone else getting a 360 version live id : Palstran

      Welcome to the world of online game shopping. You've just slashed your gaming expenses in half.

      Everyone gets that feeling of "I'm never buying anything in store ever again" when they start buying online. But you probably still will. If a game is only a little more expensive at retail, ill just buy it. I consider it my "Get it instantly" tax

      Just pre-ordered Space Marine on PS3 myself...might see some of you on the field in multiplayer! Chaos all the way!

    A pet peeve of mine:
    People asking if the Samsung Galaxy S II is just like iPhone 4? Or even worse, an inferior version of iPhone 4? You tech-ignorant folk! >:( *facepalm*

      Well obviously the Samsung Galaxy S II is inferior, it was released almost a year after the iPhone 4. How can you not see that it's just not as good..


      Yeah they came out of nowhere thanks to Apple, iSheep.

      I kept getting asked about my custom HTC HD2 (As stock runs Windows 6.5, but I hacked it to run Android Gingerbread), the first thing - the VERY first thing I get asked "Is that an iPhone?" *robofacepalm*

        You I.T. lovin' guys amuse me. I bet you couldn't tell the difference between Swamp Thing and Man-Thing.

          My point being: Not everyone is an expert, you shouldn't expect them to be. Then you all turn into Sughlys, only it's TECH instead of FILM.

          You humans are all disgusting creatures to me anyway, so that's pretty irrelevant

    Man Google is awesome.
    Went to look up the Dark Souls release date and I did not even have to go to a single website - Google looked it up for me and just gave me the answer.
    I predict that Google will produce the worlds first AI by accident from their search algorithms.

      I think you'll find that the first ai was created by [redacted] for the purpose of [entry missing].

      And then it just got weird. Because Daedalus and Icarus merged to form Helios, and they manage to integrate themselves into a living being. *nods head*

        That sounds like it is from something that I should know...

          As I somehow managed to fail at posting as a reply, it's a reference to the original Deus Ex.

    Watched Kung Pow: Enter the Fist on the weekend. Oh god, it's so bad it's hilarious. Got a few LOL moments but not the funniest movie I've ever seen.


      First 30 mins is so funny, too much story after that.

      Good flic.

      My god that movie is so awesome - i have it on DVD and have watched it a number of times.
      The only part i htught was crap was the cow bit - it was too much


        Yeah the cow bit was like, extreme cringe-worthy. I loved the villain, hahahahahaah

      Yes, killing is badong. From this moment, I will stand for the opposite of killing: gnodab.

      "Oh, and I just thought you were a sadistic psycho bitch."

      Maaaaaan, that movie had me in stitches.

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