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    I'm tired.

    Could someone make it Saturday again?

      I would, but then I'd have to go through Father's Day again.
      Up too early to make sure I had breakfast-in-bed cooked before my early rising husband got up(why do I have to cook him breakfast-in-bed? He's not MY father? :P ), day of exhaustion followed by cooking dinner for my father. Had fun but I'm not ready to do that again for a looong time.

    An early TAY? What is this madness! I normally get my morning coffee with the intent of returning to my desk when TAY is up.

    I'm not sure I'm comfortable with this.

    Seriously though, Batman Returns. More specifically Part 12 of my Let's Play is finally up.

    Blaghman, Bish and Tech Knight join in the commentary and I try a little bit of play by play because there isn't enough fail.

    Also, YouTube thinks that the video contains content from IGN...

      I forgot to make an Adam Jensen takedown reference. /o\

    Belated Berry Mirthday message to Jamesmag! I made you a cake, but some hipster threw it on the ground!

      Yeah, hope your 21st was insanely awesome and you got to eat a mountain of pork crackling! Make sure you give us a loot list!

        I'm not sure we should be making demands of Lord Mags.

          Wait, when did he become a Lord?!!
          This is a Teamspeak thing, isn't it? Aww, I always miss out on the fun stuff.
          Oh, and speaking of demands, where's my food pics from Thailand?!! Did you eat anything weird?

            It isn't necessarily a TeamSpeak thing, but methinks our Lord should give the details.

            As for food pics, there was only one taken. On the final day when all of us ordered the same dish because it was the king of dishes.

            You eat this dish, you eat Thailand.

            Can we send Jeeves or Alfred over to wake the little Lordling up then? I'm all kinds of curious now.

      I had a dream we had a Mags Meat.
      Also, Professor Layton was there.

    Go to Google.

    Press play.

    Bask in the awesome.

    Do it. Do it now.

      I went to Google and searched for "play".
      Took me a while to figure out what I was doing wrong.

      Blind mown indeed. I'm so glad we had to sing this song for our speech night, I love it.

      Now, to suppress this overwheming desire to beat zombies with pool cues....

      Ah, to bask in the glory of that mighty mustache.

      Sweet holy mustache - that is amazing!!!

      I'm going to spend the next hour listening to queen on youtube :D

      I freakin LOVE that song, and thanks to Shaun of the Dead i love it even more... and now thanks to that clip, i now want that song at my funeral! :D

        was freddy on the throne a reference to katamari? gj google :D

      loved it!

    Did the picture change?!

      Here's what happened:

      1. Went into Kotaku media gallery
      2. Searched "Talk amongst yourselves"
      3. Search returned nothing
      4. Searched "Monkey"
      5. Search returned picture of a monkey and the above image
      6. Used above image instead of picture of an Actual Monkey


        10/10, would listen again.
        You're going to have the best stories to tell to your grandchildren. Or hey, maybe just some random kids in the park.
        Nobody ever suspects the old ladies until BAM, they steal your $200 flowers.

        With stories like that you'd fit in perfectly on the TeamSpeak server.

        We always have such great tales there.

      The Monkey Island pic has changed heaps over the years. Go browse the archives and see for yourself!

        That's why I asked, I remember it being more pixely last week!

    I have Doos Eks coming in the mail, and Dead Island drops this week, what have I done to myself?

      This is how our piles of shame become so huge. We just can't stop ourselves.

      Still need to finish Deus Ex, got Dead Island pre-loaded on Steam, Space Marine on it's way and 2 PS3 exclusives (since I just bought a cheap one)

        I've been trying to not commit myself to a long game, because I know I'll still be half way through it when Deus Ex gets here, which will grow my shame.

    In b4 I can't keep up on my mobile

      You're about 15 minutes too late for that.

        No way, I can keep up until it gets to more pages! Then the mobile version is too slow because you have to scroll all the way from the top comment down and click next.

          Some sort of app may be a good idea... hint hint

            Some sort of account system with notifications would be useful, if you know what I mean....

            Maybe I can get them all messaged to me, since I have unlimited text

    It's TABTOL, TABTOL, gotta get down on TABTOL!

    1: jamesmag 346 posts (14.8%)
    2: Blaghman 206 posts (8.8%)
    3: Tech Knight 194 posts (8.3%)
    4: Jo 136 posts (5.8%)
    5: Bish 134 posts (5.7%)
    6: Trjn 127 posts (5.4%)
    7: Strange 116 posts (4.9%)
    8: Harli 101 posts (4.3%)
    9: Steve-O The Deve-O 69 posts (2.9%)
    10: The Cracks 60 posts (2.6%)
    11: NotoriousR 59 posts (2.5%)
    12: DAN! 56 posts (2.4%)
    13: lambomann007 52 posts (2.2%)
    14: Aidan 43 posts (1.8%)
    15: PuppyLicks 38 posts (1.6%)
    16: Jimu 36 posts (1.5%)
    17: jamesmacusedmyhandle 35 posts (1.5%)
    18: Lucifer9783 34 posts (1.5%)
    19: jamesmage 33 posts (1.4%)
    20: Effluvium Boy 30 posts (1.3%)
    21: BDKIAF 29 posts (1.2%)
    22: Chuloopa 26 posts (1.1%)
    23: Dr What? 23 posts (1.0%)
    24: Hugo the Hungarian Barbarian 22 posts (0.9%)
    25: f4ction 21 posts (0.9%)
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    Post #1000: Tech Knight at 09:31 31/08
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    Post #2344: jamesmag at 18:26 04/09

      I am okay with retaining my position, considering I spent half of the week playing Juice Ex.

        Is that some kind of weird smiley face or....?

          Reminds me a bit of the forever alone guy.

      Haha! I am clawing my way up.
      Suck it work!

      Curses for dropping to third, but \o/ STEVE HOLT for getting 1000th post! :D

      My position has gone down /o\

      I need to post more, lurk less.

      63: Mark Serrels 1 posts (0.0%)

      When?! How?!

      What? Again? I really spend too much time on here :(

    Don't worry, it'll be up at 8:30am from every other day now (I woke up too early this morning ...).

      That's a shame, I like it being up early, at least I won't have to wait when I come into work in the morning. Also, did you have a nice weekend Tracey? :)

        It was ok! I worked a lot (doing Kotaku stuff and production for Fairfax) and then I spent some time watching Dark Souls being played.

        Et toi?

          Mine was good, thanks for asking! Got some good games in on League of Legends with my KotakuAU mates and tried out the Warhammer 40K Space Marine demo on PC. So so good and runs so smoothly on my PC, no frame drops whatsoever on max!

          Relic, I was mad at you for not bringing Chaos Raptors to Dawn of War 2 but this will redeem yourself hands down! :D

          Oh, I missed this before! Dark Souls?! I'm so jealous! I'm almost as excited about Dark souls as Loops is about Space Marine.

      All complaints are made with tongue firmly embedded in cheek. Except when it's serious business.

      When there was daylight savings, TAY went up at 7:30am for us Queenslanders. It worked out alright because it meant there was already stuffs going on when we meandered in.

    Hey guys and gals!

    I hereby dub this week:

    But before we begin the celebrations, i got the results for my first 2 tests.

    Business law: 27/30
    Economics: 32/40

    I was stoked i got so high on BL, but i was really hoping to do a little better than 80% on Eco..

    But this trimester is on;y 3 weeks from done - i have an assignment for Eco due this week, and exams start in 3 weeks.. so i really need to get my cram on.

    In gaming news:
    I spent an hour last night finishing my second playthrough of mass effect, with ash already dead, all i had to do now was complete Ilos, kill Saren and save the council (whom i let die in my first play through).
    I mus say, i was rather pleased with the ending you get for saving the council. The combination of their praise and "you were right" in conjunction with being able to tell Udina to Feth himself was brilliant.

    So now all that's left to do this week is spend up until wednesday finishing my assignment (and starting it lol) and then on friday i FINALLY get Space Marine!

      \o/ Yay for good marks!

      \o/ Yay for ditching Ashley!

      ? For saving the council? They were quite the tosspots to me, they had it coming imo.

      \o/ For the glory of the Emperor! I'm getting kind of tempted to buy Space Marine now....

        I was playing paragon and somehow missed the fact that my choice at the end would kill the council. Was annoyed at the time, but ultimately glad that I did because I loved the way everybody kept guilting my character about it in ME2.

      Congrats, those are good results :)
      And no Space Marine for you until you write KC Chapter 4 :P

      Don't be disappointed, those are great marks! Nice work, Loops!

      Well done.

      I'm waiting for the reviews of 'Gears of Starcraft' before I get too excited.

        I know your 'gears of starcraft' comment is just you trolling my fanboyism.. so i'll let that slip... :P

      CONGRATULATIONS CHULOOPA!!! That's an awesome result!!!!!!!!!! You should be really happy with yourself and celebrate by eating lots of chocolate. You like chocolate, right?

        I luuurrrve chocolate! :D

          omg ME TOO! Let's go to chocolate land!!!

      Congrats Loops!

      Yeah I got that ending in ME as well.
      How did the Saren fight go? Did you talk to him or just duke it out?

        spoke to him - i play paragon :)

    My boss is in Hong Kong this week as part of his expanded duties after taking on a technical management role for the Asia Pacific Region. On one hand, this is exciting, because I'm effectively unsupervised. On the other hand I actually like my job, so I have no reason whatsoever to slack off (more than usual).

    That said, I could really use another day of weekend. Anyone else feel like that one went too fast? I mean, I'm sure most of us like sleeping in, playing video games and watching TV instead of being in an office doing business - I mean moreso than usual. I feel like instead of taking a break I really only slowed down.

    I missed Underbelly: the Golden Mile last year or whenever it aired so I've been catching up on it now, Underbelly being popular again since Razor is airing. I remember when seasons 1 and 2 were airing I had to ask my mother and stepdad how accurate it all was, whether they remembered anything from the news, etc.

    Golden Mile is made up of events I actually remember, which is kind of funny. Now I haven't watched Razor yet, but apparently it's set in the '20s, so I guess I need to hire a medium and get in touch with my great grandparents.

      I know right, I woke up at 6:30 this morning and was like, "This is way to early" and then realised I was actually late.
      Twas a sad moment.

        I was actually woken up every 15 minutes between 5am and 6:15 am by a series of irritating interruptions. In fact I'm at work early this morning solely because I gave up on sleep as a lost cause, else I would've slept in til 7 and gotten a later train.

    Warhammer 40K Space Marine... played the demo yesterday... GET ME THIS GAME NOW!

      Demo was good. Only 2 problems I had with it:

      2)I feel bad killing greenskins. I like Da Boyz.

        I too get a little tired of the Ultrasmurfs, BUT i actually spent the time to read the 40k Wiki entry for them, and their exploits are pretty impressive, so you do have to admire them - even if you are a Dark Angels loyalist like myself :P

    So how was everyone's weekend?
    I worked and slept little. On Friday night I slept 3 hours, waking up at 6:30 Saturday. Decided to go for a run.
    Apparently my body doesn't like this physical activity business as I can barely walk today.
    I didn't even run that far either.

    I spent majority of the weekend playing my 3DS NES games after finally downloading them.

    My gosh the original Zelda is hard. I got 2 triforce pieces then broke down into fetal position and started rocking back and forth because of how much I died (I also had vision's of my younger self pointing and laughing at my older/current self for being so bad).

    Overall a good slow gaming weekend (The best kind).

      I only played Zelda 1 & 2 for the first time a couple of years ago (on the gamecube collection disc). I agree that they're super tough, but so rewarding when you finish them. You don't feel like you've been led by the hand all the way through.

        Yeah, I recall playing Zelda when I was much younger and being able to play it fine. The game is just a big shock from years of having my hand held ingame to being chucked straight into the deep-end. Also to a lesser extent with the recent OoT release they included that shieka(?eye thingie?) statue.

        I agree though when I got those 2 Triforce (Triumph Fork ... Windwaker YAY!) pieces I felt very proud of myself.

    Spent a lot of yesterday watching Mr. Strange play Infamous 2. Am I imagining it or is it not as good as the first game?

      I've watched a little bit of it... my god I cringe every time I hear the new Cole speak, it's like he's become a teenager again or something...

        Who knew that you could actually make the voice acting in Infamous 1 sound less bad. Dude sounds like a 50 year old chain smoker, and yet, compared to the second...

          The Infamous 1 voice had the badass voice locked down so well, then suddenly he sounds like a rage-filled teenager? That was just horrible!

            Even worse is that the new Cole looks like an ex of mine. :P

      The story isn't as good, but the gameplay is 'mazing, yo.

      Also new Cole grows on you.

      And thanks for the lack of resolution between Cole and Zeke, ya bastards!

        I keep flicking past this, and my brain is reading it as "coke zero." I think I may need some caffeine...

      Maybe it's because you were watching someone else play it rather then playing it yourself?

      I think it's a lot better then the first game.
      Control of Cole is much better, melee combat has been hugely improved, more powers, more varied enemies and Kuo. What's not to love?

        Nix. Nix is what's not to love.

        Makes me cringe every time she opens her mouth.

      I don't know how you can do that for an entire day. I hate watching other people play games.

        Whenever they fail in the slightest I just want to rip the controller out of their hand.

        Then yell at them for sucking.

        And beat them into the ground, watching as their life slowly bleeds away.

        I mean what?

          I have no choice because it's there on a huge screen in our loungeroom.
          I get really frustrated watching Mr. Strange play because he just rushes through and then checks his emails and stuff when there's a cut scene. I feel like yelling "What's the POINT! You're missing out on everything!" And he gets lost a lot. He has no sense of in-game direction. I also have to point out health and ammo drops to him because he doesn't pay attention and then wonders why he's running out of ammo and dying all the time. :P

            I'm loathe to admit it, but there's many a time that I've been saved by the watchful eye of my missus. I'm paying full attention the whole time, yet I'll still forget where the item is that I need, or who "That Guy You Need To Speak To" is, or simply not be able to see the massive arrow on the screen that says "Walk through here to finish". She'll look up and say "It's blue/he's over there/walk straight ahead" and save me hours of wasted time :)

        I spend more time watching people play games than I do playing them.

        Damned Let's Plays and Starcraft 2 streams!

        It depends on the game. Watching Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, etc, is like watching good TV. Watching the same level of Super Meat Boy over and over isn't as much fun.

    Hehehehe. I imagine his arms would be pretty tired.

    Urgh, the budget comes out this week and the process begins off getting rid of staff.
    The one thing that always happens in this situation... the library goes first.
    Oh well, this was a good job, *sigh* I wonder how hard it is to take up mining for gold. With all the pre-orders I have I will have to strike a big vein pretty soon.

      Are they going to seal it up brick by brick? Then have a little book barbecue in the yard and dance around it like wild injuns? Will people be able to see the flames for miles?

      Either way, that sucks. Budget time for me only ever means bigger stationery orders.

        I work for the government.

        Budget time for me means working out how many staff we have to fire this time, whilst increasing services.

          Yep, gov man myself, unfortunately I am to be one of the fired, not the firee.

            I'm Gov as well. The sections I work in have always just gone crazy on stationery and such to keep their expenses the same so treasury don't cut their budgets at all.

              I work in health... which is always political.
              Plus, whilst I recruit Doctors and Nurses, myself and most of the staff I work with are civil servants... and they always get cut from the budget.

    People's thoughts on Apple getting that injunction on Samsung in Germany?

    Dead Island + Resistance 3 week ... Yay!! just enough time to dip into both games before Gears 3 chainsaw's my mind grapes!

    I'm a complete zombie this morning. The baby decided to sleep in 2 hour stretches (if that). I get the feeling there will be many coffees today.

      I remember what that's like. I had two years of that. It's hell. How old's the baby?

        7 months tomorrow. The flipside of the restlessness is that he's making some huge leaps in what he's able to do, so the cuteness factor has just jumped up a couple of notches, and he was pretty cute to begin with. Thankfully he doesn't scream at night, he just keeps waking up.

          7 months is a great age. Old enough to have some personality but too young to get into too much mischief.
          And may I suggest a controlled comforting sleep routine? It's hell while you're doing it but so, so worth it in the end both for you and your child. It helps them learn to be able to put themselves back to sleep when they wake in the middle of the night.

    I am obsessed with this band at the moment. Seriously, I try to listen to other music but just keep going back to Sabaton. It's been happening all year. Coat of Arms used to be my go-to album of theirs but I'm really getting into The Art of War at the moment. And my son loves it too. I've been using the music as a lure to get him to stay where I can keep an eye on him.

      Damn - that's some pretty awesoem stuff there, Strange-one!
      Very very nice

        That being said - it's also very Erouvision in it's sound lol

    So I was at the intime HoN Tournament this weekend! Much fun was had.

    I hadn't made any preparations for this tournament so we were pretty much running blind for the entire thing. Regardless, I'm proud of myself and my team for how we did, even if we did get beat down in the end.

    Highlights - 8 hours of gaming goodness, free giant cans of V, meeting new people, landing first blood

    Lowlights - getting smashed in HoN

    There are photos going up facebook sometime too. I believe a photographer was around to capture in serious game faces. Serious face is serious bro.

    Anyway, I also started SC2 and am picking up LoL this week. SC2'ers can add me - Harli



      The one time I may potentially be able to beat you at a single game has come!

        Money match??? :D

        I haven't touched campaign and jumped straight into online play with a few friends. lawl. It's fun and I'm still learning but I'm hoping my WC3 abilities will carry me through...

          Well, I've found that my SC2 skills have only barely helped my WC3 skills, but I'm so bad that even if we do have a 1v. or something I'd still probably lose.

          I am so bad at vidja gamez.

            bahahha. Don't worry I'm quite terrible at SC2. You have nothing to fear.

              Yeah, but here's where I think "Man, Harli can't be all that good..." and then I decide to Mothership rush.

              I almost lost a game thanks to my mothership rushingness.

              He went Banshee's and I had no detection...

    *Glares at TAY and its early morning appearance*

    *Considers going back to bed*

    *Decides the 20cm to bed is too far*

    *Glares at TAY some more*

    God I hate mornings.

      I'm really tempted to be all annoyingly bright and cheerful at you but fortunately for you I hate mornings too.

      *Reads TAY*
      *Looks at clock*
      *Looks at calender*
      *Remembers that he's still on holidays*
      *Goes back to bed*

      Your Like Garfield. Except that your not orange !

      I thought that said 20cm bed and was going to question how one would even be comfortable in a 20cm bed.

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