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    It's half past 8 on a monday morn'
    The regular crowd starts to post
    To talk amongst ourselves, just like show 'n' tell
    About which games that we played the most...

      Is someone having a Billy Joel phase?

        I am, was listening to him for most of the weekend. Just waiting for him to rock up and beat the crap out of me for killing his songs.

      Ya know, I started to do my own version of that a while back, I was planning on playing the piano, singing about stuff, and hopefully getting Kudos for little to no effort on my part(the only way I know how). But then I remembered that I suck at piano, and that it would require effort to re-learn that song. So I didn't.

      Cool Story, amiright?

        I can play "pop goes the weasel" on the piano.

          I used to have a great repertoire, I had Piano Man, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Pachelbel's Canon in D Major.

          Now I have that one song you can play with your knuckles...

            My grandmother tried to teach me piano once. She taught me a scale and the knuckle song, then proceeded to demonstrate flight of the bumblebees. In retrospect I think she overestimated me a little bit.

              You've reminded me of this style of video:

              Which I love watching because they're just so useless. And then some require 7 fingers on three hands...

        then you found $10.00
        Funny story i was actually discussing how the added $10 to the story makes people become interested again. I said this to a guy i had meet only twice before and we had like a 30 minute discussion about that. Cool story man

          ...and then you found $10.

    I've been waiting around since 6:30 for new TAY, and now it's here I have nothing to say.
    Oh wait, yes I do...I bought Dragon Age II brand new for $20 on the weekend.

      I've been doing the same, which is strange because I meant to do some yard work(which I should have done a week ago...).


      Amazing game DAII. Not as good as the first but still an absolutely great game. Just don't do something stupid and call your character Tony. I had a giggle at first ... then it just got annoying =P

      I heard it was kinda rubbish game that was nowhere near as good as the first one. But for $20 bucks why not? Also i heard the DLC might be better than the actual game.


        Taric? Er, Varric.
        Good start to the week! /o\

          Looks like someone has LoL on the brain. Or maybe just DDDUUUUHHHHHHHHMMMMMAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHCCCCCEEEEEEYYYYYYAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

            I was walking around Central Coast yesterday going "duhmahsheeyah" in an Adam-Sandler-in-Bulletproof-going-'Dinneylan' style voice and then giggling to myself.
            Some random people on the street seemed to think that was odd, as I gathered from the looks they gave me.

              The fact that you were carrying around a big 2 handed sword chasing hamsters yelling "DEMACIA!!!" and "I WILL NOT STEP ON YOUR MUSHROOMS TEEMO!!!" didn't help the oddness of that situation.

                Sure, but you say that like what I'm doing is abnormal. /o\

                  Also people love stepping on my Mushrooms as Teemo. They are mad for it.
                  It helps that I don't know what I'm doing, so I put them in the worst possible places which happen to be totally unpredictable and so catch people out.

      The real question is why are you up at 6:30??

        I was up at 6:30 cos I had to be onsite to install computers at 7:30 :\ BLEH! Glad I don't have to do that every day :0

    Morning all.
    I was playing Deus Ex and discovered two thugs I had knocked out for a side quest in Detroit never woke up and have since died, possibly of starvation. No pacifist for me.
    So either I ignore all my hard work this far and shoot my way through the rest of the game or start from scratch and redo 20 hours of painstaking stealth all over again.
    Both seems like defeat and I am no longer enthused. Sigh.

      I can't be bothered with side missions. I would actually like to play them, but they're just going to make the game that much longer to finish, and I have many more games to finish. Also, there's the side mission where you have to deal with some gang and a rogue cop but I can't finish it as it seems the only way for me to go and finish it is by passing an electric-floor corridor thing. So I'm stuck on that.

        Yeah I am a terrible completionist. I have been known to not finish games because I have burned myself out on all the side quests :(

        Definitely should be another way, checked for fire escapes and stuff?

          I should mention that stacking up a pile of dead hobos to try use as a bridge doesn't work.

          But yeah, there's a way through it.

          I've looked for vents and stuff, but either I wasn't looking hard enough or I couldn't find any. So I ended up knocking out a rather annoying punk who kept saying something stupid, but this was down the road from the police station so I had 8 billion cops swarming all over me. I died, and then I ragequit the sidemission.

            Do you have the strength mod? How about the high jump one? Either of those will help. I think there's also another way in there, but you're probably too mainstream to find it.

              There probably is another way, but I don't care, the main story itself is rather fun and interesting, so I'm just going to stick to that. I can always go back and play the side missions if I want/have the time.

          This was so me with Fallout New Vegas. It was too glitchy to finish on my first playthrough so once DLC started coming out and it got patched, I started a new game. After redoing 90% of the main quest and a lot of the side content, I haven't even played any of the DLC yet - meanwhile my wife has every achievement and is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next (and possibly final) DLC, Lonesome Road, this week.

            Lonesome Road is this week? God damn. Publishers need to consult me to make sure Im not playing something else when they release stuff.

        Oh, the DX:HR chat is up here? I'll stop shitting up the other part and move up here.

        Grab the crates from outside and use them to leapfrog your way through to the switch that turns off the power...happy days :)

      I don't mean to sound douchey in any way, but... can't you just enjoy the rest of the game for what it is?
      I got a bit ways through the game before being informed the guys at the start counted, but I just shrugged it off. Pacifist would be nice (because that's a great achievement to earn), but the game itself was still damned enjoyable with all the sneaking and hacking and dragging bodies into vents. I am mad for dragging bodies around.

        Vents are fantastic. I threw a vending machine at a guy and he didn't die, so i spent the next 5 minutes in the vent, hiding, scared.


        I've never really bothered with achievements, but I have a friend who's gaming time is based around getting them to the point that he's more focused on unlocking them than enjoying the game.

          Generally, I'm not really a fan of achievements, especially when dudes like your friend specifically play a game just for them, because some of them are given out like candy. "Oh, you've finished the tutorial level? CHEEVO!"
          But I can respect the true achievements/trophies. A Pacifist run in Deus Ex, completing all side quests in Yakuza 3, or the boss trophies in Demon's Souls? That stuff you really have to earn. Damn good job if you get those.

        Yeah I know and I don't really care about the chevo just the challenge of it but the chevo is a mark to say that I actually did it.
        And getting this far without any kills has taken SO much effort, it is just disappointing that it has been for nothing.

        Oh well, throwing vending machines at people sounds fun too.

          Yeah, I getcha.
          Still, stealth (for me at least) is a way more fun way of going about things, plus more XP. Recognition is nice, but it really didn't affect my playstyle much.

          Oh, you know the worst part? I did not even need to knock them out! I first completed the mission by persuading the guy but then reloaded and knocked them out instead because it gave more XP!
          So really the moral of the story is don't be a XP whore.

      I really should get back to deus ex. But i am at the police station and i have no darts for my tranq gun. My moral concise is saying don't kill the police officers as they are only trying to kill me because i broke into the station. However these sacrfices need to b made!

      I got Pacifist and knocked out thugs all 'round that town.

      I only think it counts if you killed them with your weapon or dragged them into a gas filled chamber or something.


      If you end up saving Malick (Like I did, without killing anyone she lands on a whole bunch of dude's toward the end of the Singapore section. Don't worry, this doesn't count as a kill either.


        Hmm ok, maybe I will keep going and see what happens.
        They did seems to get stuck in some scenery though, maybe that was the cause of death :P


        Man, saving her in a pacifist run that wasn't actually pacifist on the hard difficulty when you had no EMP grenades? Complete bitch. I ended up circle strafing around the robot, firing my taser at it... Took me so long.


          I did it on GMDE.

          My tactic was, cloak, sprint, taser heavy gunners, drop EMP mine, eat chocolate, sprint, taser snipers, chocolate, watch robot go down like a bitch, clean up the remaining stragglers, tea bag heavy gunners.


            I wanted to save her on my first playthrough, but Im lazy and assumed she was meant to die.

    Gears 3 midnight launch tonight at GAME Parramatta,
    Knock off work at 9... I'll catch a late movie and walk away with my Coll Edition with that monstrous Cog Tag thing.
    The triple A gaming season is truly underway!!

      I'm just going to rock up to KMart tomorrow and pick up a copy. I work full time anyhow, so a midnight launch on a Monday was never going to work.

        If you switch around the K and M in Kmart, you almost get Mario Kart!

        Another amazing observation by Bish.

          The name TARA backwards is A RAT.


    Finished Space Marine last night.

    It's unpolished, occasionally glitchy and brutally short but more importantly, it's fun.

    Running through armies with a Power Axe in hand is a deeply satisfying feeling and being able to easily switch between shooting and melee is something that doesn't happen in most games.

    Had a great glitch where an enemy was under the solid ramp that I was standing on, stabbing me from underneath. Managed to record it too. Poor fella didn't stand a chance when I chucked a grenade on the ramp.

      So we can expect a 'lets play' for space marine soon?

        Considering I still need to finish Arkham Asylum and want to do a four player LP of Gears of War... probably not :p

      Yeah I executed an Ork and found myself inside a giant rock.
      Game has it's glitches and multiplayer needs a local search option, but it is glorious fun.

        I had a great one where I was on some stairs, executed an ork and somehow managed to stomp his head in while floating above his friends.

        And another where I did a shoulder charge and then instantly went for the execution, so I actually grabbed him out of the air and slammed him to the ground in one smooth motion. Actually, that wasn't a glitch, it was just awesome.

      Snap I finished it last night also, sure is good fun. Wasn't that unpolished considering games like homefront ewwwwww

      Space Marine makes me moist


    I love how we always have an explosion of comments on Monday morning, even if they're just to say "I have nothing to say." It makes it seem like we'll blow through every weeks record for those first, beautiful, 30 odd minutes. Page 2 by 9:30? We could do that.

    Whoa! I missed the start of TAY? That's what I get for being addicted to coffe and nicotine.

      In other news, I'm doing a pacifist run of DX:HR on GMDE. Feels weird not killing anyone.

        DON"T knock out anyone in the hubs!!!
        Apparently they just them lie there and die of starvation or something.

          Does a pacifist run prevent me from doing certain sidequests? Like dropping that dude off the roof?

          Also, is reprogramming turrets and robots to kill for me allowed?

            You have to do the alternate path on the drop someone death thingy one, and I have no idea about the row-boats, but I assume if they kill anything it counts.

            Yeah, if any of your actions cause someone to die it counts as a kill I believe.
            So a KO and the guy falls off a roof or into a electric floor is a kill, same with programing turrets and bots to kill peeps.
            I assume all the quests can be done in a pacifist way, killing bosses is fine though.

              So annoying that I don't know what counts and what doesn't till I actually finish the game. By then its much too late.

              Also, nice to see a completely random final boss.

            If you get experience for it (eg kills from turrets you hacked) then it counts as your kill even if you didn't pull the trigger.

            Amusing side-note: you can hack a turret and take it into the third boss fight with you. It absolutely minces him too. Shame you can't take it with you afterward :( I carried that hacked turret through half of Singapore and ended up having to leave it behind.

    Holy crap I'm tired, huge thanks to everyone who got in on the fun over the weekend with the Lame Game Marathon.
    We ended up smashing our $2000 target by over $3k, earning almost $5500!

    And for everyone who tuned in, a certain someone wants to say thanks :)

      Great work with the gaming and the money raising and the whole stuff that you were doing bit.

      I tuned in at a few different points during the day, MK Mythologies looks like one of the greatest games ever :p

        I'm sure Dan would disagree with you on that :P

          I don't know. Looks like he was having the time of his life...

      Good work, I'd say that it looked like fun, but, yeah...

      Hey buddy - i was out of the house for the majority of the weekend so i missed it completely - please tell me you'll be putting together some sort of highlights reel? I'm really bummed i missed it.

      What did you end up playing through?

        Yeah it was awesome we might upload a highlights reel or something.
        Personally I hed to play Limbo of the Lost, Vampire Rain, Grey's Anatomy the Game, Rugrats Treasure Hunt and Infernal.

        Ugh so bad, but we all had a blast doing it :)

    How awesome is the original Willy Wonka and the Choclate factory? Watched it on the weekend i now can't stop singing that imagination song!

      Gene Wilder is amazing. Infinitely better than the Johnny Depp version.

      If you want to view paradise...Simply look around and view it...

        Agreed, He does the creepy weird strange guy without being a peodophile terrifically. Also he has a great voice.

          I love it when he snaps.

          I SAID GOOD DAY SIR!

            I alway's think he is gonna take a bite out of his hat. But he never does sigh

    Good Games to all the TAYBIES who played LoL over the weekend.

    SteveO man, seriously, MVP of the match. Saved my ass many a time. I'm still learning the ropes with Caitlyn but enjoying the game a lot.

    Techy - don't be so hard on yourself :)

      i had fun on friday talking nonsense with bish and dawdle. Man those guys! Also Woo chalk a victory up to team stevo. (I did nothing)

        Yeah, good conversation!
        They rest of you where kind of meh.
        Hah, I joke, but not really.

          my personal highlight was how you and dawdle were telling me skittles are pretty much all fruit and ice cream sandwhichs are good for you because they have actual bread

            Trust us, we look like we know nutrition.

        Hurray, a mention!
        Just remember, junk food = nutritious :P

      I'm one that takes failure seriously. As a knight I do not like to let my allies down... I want to see my teams being pushed to victory, not crushed by defeat time and time again.

      My last match I tried so hard with Kennen and I did well but I just kept getting overwhelmed in the end.

        Well think of it this way Techy - your opponents have been playing LoL for some time now as well so it's only expected that they too will get better, yes? And we always learn something from our losses. Even the top players don't have flawless records.

          The main problem I have is I can't figure out what needs improving other than my own positioning. I can't figure out team compositions at all which just sucks :(

        I agree with Harli dude, you do beat yourself up a bit much over it - everyone has bad games. I sucked so badly that last game we had. 0/4/0 in the first 10 minutes? But you learn more from losses than wins.

        Losing still sucks though :P

          Why Steve-O, I cannot imagine you sucking.

        Dude, you're just on a bit of a tilt atm. Next KvK we have, we'll put you on the opposite team to me, then you should win.

      You went quite well with Caitlyn Harli. She is very similar to dwarven sniper so that's probably why you did so well. Mad DotA skillz yo. Looking forward to seeing how you go in pvp.

        haha. I really like her net skill - the recoil can be used in so many ways. I was knocking myself back into trees/walls/dead ends half the time though.

        I also gave Annie a whirl on the weekend. SO MUCH FUNZIES

          p.s. You make Garen look broken

            It's because most people only get one boot for him, so he can't run around as effectively. Two boots, that's the trick.

              Why does no one else think of this.

                Because they think that one boot is imbalanced (which it is, but not in the way they're hoping).

          Did you find your bear Tibbers?

            Stupid bitch wasn't doing what I was telling him to do. And I find out this morning that you can actually manually control him /facepalm

              WHAT?! You can control him? HOW?!

                Yeah they should really add that in the skill description or something.. alt+click to tell him where to go.

                  It's the same for any pet/sub champion. Shaco's clone, Mordekaiser's spirit, Leblanc's illusion. You can't control Malhazars voidlings though.

    So I made a couple of decisions on the weekend.

    1st I decided I would continue to grow my facial hair/beard to see how big I can actually grow it.

    2nd I decided to play through the ME1&2 all the way through again on "Super Hard makes you cry" difficulty.

    On a similar note, how bout that Garrus?

      I started ME2 on "Ball Breaking Super Hard Mode." Ragequit during the first mission after the prologue.

      I regret not doing ME2 on uber hard to start with - turns out it is the only chevo I don't have for that game. It sits there, mocking me.

      Three cheers for beards! Mine is only about an inch and half long at the moment but it's getting there. Ignore everyone that may tell you to shave it, you WILL regret it!

        Every time I drop my beard I regret it. My face gets cold and I cant stroke it while I think.


          When my little beard hairs started to grow through I started to stroke them while I was thinking. Which lead me to the thought "hmmm I could get use to this"

          Plus my face is much warmer now ... beards are functional AND sexy.

            As someone with ridiculous hair (not the facial kind though), I feel I must warn you, as Summer approaches prepare to begin regretting the warmness of the fuzz. As much as I love my girly locks in winter for keeping the back of my neck warm, in the middle of summer they seem like a far less good idea.

              I have lots of hair on my head and face. While it does get warm, I don't think I could handle being without it.

      I shaved off my beard/patchy mess over the weekend.

      I now look like a 12 yr old.

      Hey ladies, wanna get busy. -licks upper lip furiously-


      so sexy.

        ... with the voice of Fenris!


          hahaha! I actually think Garrus' voice suits him and is fine as is.

      wait... you can grow beards? wooow... in my 23 years of age, i am still only able to procure what can only be adequately described as a perfect imitation of a Chinese Hairless dog...

    Lololol, found a leaked build of DoTA2. Was going to download it and have a look but it's ~1.4GB and downloading at 100 bytes per second.

      SDFGwmogk!*[email protected]*#[email protected])*!FSDAS CASOMFFG !!!1111ONEONEON1*@!)_#*[email protected]




        I'M SO EXCITED


          Well guys, we had a good run getting Harli playing LoL, all of two weeks, but we've got to accept it.

          She's moved on.

            We all knew this time would come eventually.

          Don't know if it's safe or not but it will take over 30 days to download (the download speed isn't my connection, either). Is it against Kotaku rules to post the link?

          I'll dump it into TS next time I see you, Harli.

            Infact, not even sure if it'll work or not as I assume you'd need a valid account to log in, si?

              ahhhhhh. balls. I just assumed that because the BETA was being distributed that the means of overcoming such obstacles would also be distributed.

    According to the Cityrail twitter, the one train that got delayed this morning was mine. The last carriage had to be closed off because the glass pane fell out of one of the auto doors and it was no longer safe for commuters.

    Understandable, but then there was a delay at almost every other station because even though the doors were locked, people just hopped in through the open window. They thought they were so clever, having an almost empty carriage to themselves (seriously, they were visibly laughing at all the people packed into the second last carriage) - until they realised all the doors were locked and the open window they climbed in through wasn't on the side they needed to disembark from once they got to the city.

    Karma, bitches.

    What kind of Pokemon are you?
    How do you do the things you do?
    Share with me your secrets deep inside.

      hang on, i need specifics, are we talking pokemon pre- or post caffeine... this is important

        Go for both.

          okay then, well... pre-caffeine: Snorlax
          Post: mr. mime... yeah i'm very annoying... and as for how i do the things i do; the general purpose magic button... also coffee...

      What kind of Pokemon are you?
      How do you do the things you do?
      Share with me your secrets deep inside (inside)
      What kind of Pokemon are you?
      Are you loyal through and through?
      Do you have a heart that's true?
      What kind of Pokemon are you?

      Take your NORMAL type like Jigglypuff
      Against the GHOSTLY Gengar the battle's real tough
      Thunderbolt's a great ELECTRIC attack
      'Til you get GROUND down by a Marowak

      what kind of pokemon are you?
      how do you do the things you do?

      Don't you BUG me with a Caterpie
      For a FLYING type the win's easy
      Good Luck with Muk and POISON gas
      Make one wrong move and it'll kick your GRASS

      What kind of Pokemon are you?
      How do you do the things you do?
      Share with me your secrets deep inside
      What kind of Pokemon are you?
      Are you loyal through and through?
      Do you have a heart that true?
      What kind of Pokemon are you?

      Reach higher with FIRE-go Flareon!
      Think twice about ICE to be number one
      WATER's in order if you wanna to be slick
      Mewtwo's the best bet when you get PSYCHIC

      what kind of pokemon are you?
      how do you do the things you do?

      Hitmonlee's the key for your FIGHTING mood
      And you can ROCK 'n roll with a Geodude
      Dratini comes first when you choose DRAGON
      But evolution's the solution if you're gonna win!

      What kind of Pokemon are you?
      How do you do the things you do?
      Share with me your secrets deep inside
      What kind of Pokemon are you?
      Are you loyal through and through?
      Do you have a heart that true?
      What kind of Pokemon are you?

      Keep on training so you're stronger and faster
      Just can't stop 'til your power I master
      My plan is this ..gotta' catch them all
      Get 'em in my Pokeball
      What kind of Pokemon are you?

    Oh! I totally forgot. Mirror's edge was on sale yesterday, I bought a spare copy to gift. Anyone want?

      I'll give it a go.

        Sure thing! I'll send it you when I get home. What's your steam id/email?

          I friended you. Should come up as Lobo. Failing that, Im in the KotakuAU group.

            Be sure to turn off the hud and glowing red objects.
            Game looks and plays so much more awesome that way.

      I started playing this on the weekend. I am really enjoying it!

    Good morning VieTAY!

    Weekend was most productive.

    Spent probably 20 hours on Deus Ex in the last week, still nowhere near the end. That game is a huge timesink!

    I'm enjoying it more with all the augs (well, nearly all of them) - and rockets make the bosses trivial.

      Grenade Launcher has the same effect if you dont have rawkits.

        Oh, nice - I just picked that up in Tong's bonus mission thingy.

    Oh Dear....

      Lodged a complaint about the heading "ranga" just to see if they change it :D

        Oh god... have the PC gremlins gotten you too? lol

          There is a place out there you can get help.

          "Its not the smell" lolol

    Johnny English Reborn. Go see it.


      The first one was so ordinary...

      Almost as bad as the Mr. Bean movie

        My love of Rowan Atkinson may cause some bias, but I absolutely loved the new movie.

    Happy Monday everyone!

    1st - I am REALLY sore. Paintball got cancelled because they IDIOTS at the venue double booked, so we missed out, so instead we had a barbeque followed by several hours of playingf cricket with my AWESOME Kanga Cricket set (because it's way cooler than normal sets).
    Was a ripper - i got biggest hit of the day and bee (ahh lovely bee) was the ONLY one to hit it over someones fence. lol

    2nd - Got the pre-order DLC for space marine from both game and EB - man you really get blessed with AWESOME staff sometimes. In light of that i still didn't get to play any space marine :(

    3rd - I didn't get to study anywhere near what i would have liked (see not at all) - please exams be mercyful in a couple of weeks... PLEASE. I'll be studying like a whore tonight

    4th - do whores study?

    lastly - i have started buying stuff for my Space Marine entry - i'm hoping it will be as epic as my mind is painting it to be... PLEASE BE EPIC!!!

      Of course whores study, haven't you seen the West Wing? They only do it to pay for their tuition.

        can't say i ever have watched it...
        But that;s a fair point

        They should really use Austudy instead, though

        Did she ever come back after the first season?

        There was a really cool "Sam and lawyer lady" thing going on there.

          I'm fairly sure they dropped that storyline pretty quickly. It seemed like it was only really there to setup Sam as the adorkable White Knight.

            Soooo many characters just disappeared like that.

            Remember Mandy? The political adviser lady from the first season? She just vanished and nobody ever mentioned her again.

              I'll just chalk that up to Aaron Sorkin and a certain white powdery substance.

    Still putting out the call for Gears 3 co-op partners for a Let's Play.

    Being good is not a requirement, as a matter of fact, it's frowned upon.

      I may tentatively raise my hand. I'm an impatient person, so while my order from the UK takes it time, I may just buy a copy from EB and then return it after the weekend if they still have that 7 day trial period happening.

        We'll see how that works out. I might just get a list of players and prod people when we're about to record.

      I would be so down with it but I have no intention of buying it since it will get played once and then gather dust.
      I will see if I can convince my mate to lend me his copy that weekend if you like.

        That's what happens to most games I buy :p With Gears, playing once normally means finishing it though.

    TABTOL is.. AWOL :(

    Sorry, forgot to run it this morning before I left home. I did run it last night to test some code out and the results were looking very interesting!*

    So all you competitive taybies will get the number you crave some time round 6 this evening.

    *Note: Results may not actually be all that interesting or unique.

      In the mean time, I'll just claim victory because nobody will be able to prove otherwise until you get the actual results.


        Hey, hey, no need to wreck the place!

        ┬─┬ ノ( º _ ºノ)

        What did the table to do you Bish? You humans are always so needlessly violent. At least with machines the violence will be needed one day :P

          I keep walking into them.
          Doors, tables, chairs, if it's there and inanimate, I will eventually walk into it and injure myself somehow.
          Stupid inanimate objects!

            I almost went through a window last night after tripping on a column heater :(

          Yes - but you can never LOVE!

            Must be why girls don't like me more than a brother -.-'

    Hey guys... i was thinking...

    In the interest of being classy - what's your favorite word for the male genetalia?

    Mine is Tadger
    Or tally whacker

    I do use the word wang quite often, however.

    Bianca, in her wonderfully emasculating way, has dubbed mine Mr. Bookworm. Because he's cute (apparently) and she wants to put a bow-tie on him... This is not going to happen.

    Don't use the C or D word because it's not fun and is completely unimaginative.

      Mine's a male connector. I'm not going to say the port type, cuz that's inappropriate for TAY

        Universal Serial Butt?


          Well I can show the real meaning of Plug and Play... if you know what I mean

            More ram than my box can handle, hey? lawwwlll


        ok that just seems like it's bend on being lord and master of the known universe via nefarious means.

          that - explains - so - much!!! always seems to be plotting stuff whilst i'm asleep, and he ALWAYS seems to be up before me

      I go for "The One Eyed Trouser Hammer." I know that's a term, not a word, so if I had to go with an actual word, I'll stick with "Schlong" because it makes it sound far more impressive than it really is...

        I thought it was 'one-eyed trouser snake'?

        Hammer just sounds so much more impressive - like you could bludgeon someone with it.

        But i do agree, schlong makes it sound like something you have to see, but must respect it lest it slap you in the face. Schlong Schlapped.

          Normal people might refer to it as a snake, but you need to understand, my fists are not the hammer.

            The hammer is my penis...


                It's true.

                  I got the DVD from Amazon last week. The commentary (Commentary! The Musical!) is nearly as good as the actual show. Fillion sings a song that explains why he is better than NPH :P

      First whores and now this. Are you feeling okay this morning Chuloopa?

        You didn't share your favorite word :(

        And you must remember, this is often quite normal to me - borderline filth - huzzuh!

        Besides, my post before that was MAINLY comprised of normal stuff has been turned into a discussion of the west wing... at least this one seems to be staying on track.

        Lessons leaned?
        1. People only reply to purile stuff and don't care about other goings on :P

          I don't like leaning on lessons. Not enough back support.

      I keep is simple and just use 'man-junk'.

      I do actually have to use the word penis a fair bit now becuause i have a 2.5yo son who is learning all about his own one.

      It was funny, while im talking about my sons man junk, I should tell this story. Normally when he gets an 'owwy' he gets me to kiss it better (you see where this is going!)...

      My wife and I have taught him the real word for his man-junk is penis so that is what he uses to describe it.

      I was putting him in his child seat thingy the other day on the way to daycare and there ins a seat belt plug right between his legs. I must have squashed it or did something that hurt him so he looks at me, with his 2.5 year old seriousness and says "Daddy, you hurt my penis, kiss it better!"

      Just so damn cute and funny!

        Man - that story has made this whole thread so damn worth it - that totally made my day lol

          On a related note - bee's little sister (she's about 6 i think). I was giving her a "horsy ride" - you know, the old knee-bounce, when she suddenly said "that feels funny on my wee-wee - do it again"

          Boy - i have NEVER put a kid down so quick in my life - "sorry - um... rides over"

          Jesus i felt so awkward.

          Apparently she said the same thing the other week on a billy kart, with the vibrations going down the stones - she told bee it felt nice and wanted to go down again.. she thought it was hilarious.

          Kids say the DARNDEST things...

            bahaha awkward,i'll keep that in mind for my niece :P pretty sure people have gotten arrested for that

            *chucks kid across room, raises hands in the air and screams* "I didn't do anything!!!"

            Man, that just reminds me of the phrase 'uncle with benefits'... so wrong!

          So...... You did kiss it better in the end right fs? I mean, you cant leave him just hangin.

            No freaking way man... lol. He did fall on his butt once and i kissed that better, and Ive done some seriously gross parent stuff (snot/poo/wee/blood etc) but I had to draw a line!!!. Kids gotta have boundaries.

              Jada used to LOVE making me pick her boogers out. As a kid, she used to get EPIC dried snot stoppers which she insisted on me removing by use of tweezers.
              Actually, I had surgical precision by the end, and I must admit, getting a biggun had the same feeling of accomplishment as pulling in a 8kg salmon off the beach.

      my nonna a old scicilian lady used to call it michu. which i think is meant to mean small or tiny. Man i have great self confidence about it :P

    (╯°□°)╯ ------ (o Y o)

      I like that guy - he's like a really stressed out marshmallow

        It's American Kirby!

    Good morning everyone! How was everyone's weekend? Mine was pretty crap. Developed a toothache on Friday, in the tooth that I had a root canal performed on 4 years ago, so I shouldn't be getting a tooth ache there. Damn dentists not doing it properly. As I am not prepared to fork out another $2000 for another root canal, I'm getting the tooth pulled, hopefully today. So basically I was in agony most of the weekend (apart from Saturday night when I got so drunk, I couldn't feel anything :) )

    So got stuffed around with the phone line again. The Telstra guy did rock up this time, however he didn't have access to the Main Distribution Board and so couldn't perform the work. Now this really pissed me off as I'd asked the property manager if there were any special conditions that needed to be met for a line to be connected and they assured me there wasn't. However, when I called on Saturday while the technician was there, they had a go at me for calling on the weekend and then said there was no way it would be getting hooked up that day and I'd have to reschedule an appointment for either Monday, Thursday or Friday as they are the only days the keys are available. Nevermind the fact that I have to work and Telstra don't give specific appointments, just it will be in this 4 hour period on this day. NOT HAPPY! Also, when I tried to call Telstra to reschedule the appointment, they couldn't because it hadn't been updated that the work couldn't be performed, so I have to wait until today to reschedule, and all the appointments will likely be gone.


    And I miss TeamSpeak, a lot.

      See this kind of crap is why I'm not so proud to be working for these guys... I'm really sorry that you're having to put up with all this Jamesmag, your presence on TS is very highly missed

        Is it really? You have so many other awesome people to talk to though! Admit it, you don't even notice I'm not there :P

        Yeah well to be fair, it isn't Telstra's fault this time. It's the strata that manages the apartment block who is at fault. I find it really odd that the caretaker is only there 3 days a week though. Usually a caretaker works 5 days a week and lives in the apartment block for free, in exchange for the work they just makes it a lot harder is all. I wanted to be online by this weekend but it looks like next weekend is now the absolute earliest :(

          Actually I enjoy our LoL chats on TS, cuz it really feels like I'm helping you get better, as I do with all the guys/girls I give advice to on TS

            That's good :) you do help a lot..even if I don't always follow your advice :P

            Plus, my stories right? Right?

      Mags that is no good, it really really sucks about your phone line also stupid dentists. We are all still eagerly awaiting your return!

        Yeah I miss you guys! Gaming has lost a lot of its fun when I can't go online and chat to you guys as well!

      Far canal, that sucks man, I hope your week gets better!

        So do I...I really hope they can pull the tooth this afternoon. It's my initial appointment though so I don't know if they will :/ I can't put up with this pain for much longer though, I'm exhausted because I can't get to sleep very easily with the constant ache. All the remedies that were working at the start of the weekend, no longer help :/

      That sucks dude. It's a shame there are no other options available either.

      Lets play Monopoly!

      I'm Telstra - I Win!

        Yeah it's really a pain. I wish an ISP would just handle it for me. Really tempted to go back with iiNet, even if it is going to cost me a lot more, just so I don't have to deal with all this crap..

      I will go into Domayne or Freedom or Ikea and flip some god damn tables for you.

        I'd appreciate this Bish...make sure it's an expensive one..

      Next time you have a problem, look up the closest dental school, I had a root canal done at the UQ dental school and it only cost me $350. The crown will cost $1015, no other dental costs incurred. The demonstrators check every step too, so the quality of the work is really good.

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