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    Picture seems a little big this mourning.

      does seem quite massive.


        is what she said.

          Rocketman's a dude, you know. I know his voice is confusing, but yeah, pretty sure he's a dude.

      Expanding to be more in line with the size of the TAY community?

      Y'all just need to stop wearing magnifying glasses.

        That's what she said?

    Good morning all!
    Having a rough monday? Watch this and MAN UP YO.

      That made my morning, thankyou.

      My god that was amazingly brilliant - than you Sir. Puppy of Licks. :D

      Is that guy... punching them so hard they catch fire?

        Don't forget the punches that are so quick that they electrocute that lady from just being shockingly quick

      They need a Kenshiro model in that game STAT


      Thanks! I AM ALIVE!!!

    Morning all! How was everyones weekend? Gameriffic I hope!

      I played lot's of league of legends and some new minecraft.

        I played Deus Ex. It's frustrating me
        because I rush into situations and die. I'm pretty bad at it.

          just wait until they turn their back and tap Q (or the takedown button on your version) Works for me. Well until that stupid boss fight.

      It could have gone better. Definitely very little gaming was achieved.

      Actually, very little of anything was achieved.

      Still, tis a four day weekend for me so I have today to make up for it.


        Yay for Space Marine.
        I may totally suck at it, ut I bloody enjoy it. Seize Ground ftw.
        What we need are some more people so we can set up private matches.

          Man i am so stupid - i was playing anihilation ALL weekend and getting nowhere fast... then i said "maybe i'll try seize ground"...

          I got boosted 2 levels in 3 games!!! (8-10)
          Seriously, it's where the XP is and and it was actually more enjoyable than i thought it would be!!

          Although, the games i played lagged way more than the Annihilation games :(

            I managed to get a bunch of games on seize ground yesterday arvo with an aussie as host.

            IT WAS GLORIOUS!

    Everyone should read this:

    Doing the vacuuming first thing on a Monday is awesome. It's like a free pass to do nothing for the rest of the week because you've already accomplished something during the week. :P

      Must be a nice feeling. Public sector employees never get the feeling of having accomplished something :)

        ...Unless they've published something. Is it out yet? Is it out yet? Is it out yet? *bounces*

          Next week apparently. Very excited! :)

          Also, my publisher likens it to Game of Thrones in some ways (I've never read, so I don't know, but am mighty flattered!)

            Nice comparison! Next week is perfect as it's payweek!
            You must be so excited(and probably a little bit terrified)!

              You would think that, but actually not so much - I get so little time to even think about it. Work's been nightmarishly busy for the last three weeks, and Annie has been constantly sick with ear infections (and otherwise full-on when intermittently well).

              It's kind of a shame I can't dwell on the excitement/terror of this time, because I've been looking forward to it all my life.

      Ah, what I would give for a "free pass". What have I done to aggrieve you, Mistress Strange? I have to run around the estate at the highest state of alertness all day with a large cart containing an air cushion and hay covering the top, for when the young master decides to climb dive off of the roof. And when we aren't at the manor, I have to prevent him for slapping others with his gloves and cursing them in Italian.
      Whatever I did to deserve, I apologise as sincerely as I can. I did not mean to offend in any way.

        Oh Jeeves, I'm so sorry! I never think before I act and you're being punished by my thoughtless decision. I should have known His Pessimisticness wouldn't be able to handle the power of The Jerkin. I'll try and make it up to you.


          Arivaderchi, bolognase! Bastardo! Latte!

            I like how you only knew they were swearing if subtitles were on. They make Italian swearing sound so natural in conversation.

              It's like that Tool song where they played the answering machine message of that weird,angry Italian swearing at them and placed it over soothing music.

            tis later in the week but your ninja posts don't go unnoticed AP ;)

          Am I slow for only just realising this? Harli is the Real 'Jeeves', isn't she?

            Wha.. what?! Whatever has Jeeves said to make you come to that conclusion?!

            And why would I wear a t-shirt dedicated to myself?! Actually, why wouldn't I... heh heh heh

    Morning all! First off.. anyone need computer work or parts? I need moneys!!

    Now that's out of the way, Hope you all enjoyed your weekends! Mine was not too bad. I guess you could say I had a couple of dates! :0 Perhaps not dates so much as meeting new friends, but they were girls that I met, so could be either or.. guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens in future meetings ;) That's actually why I'm asking if anyone wants work done or parts too.. I wasn't really expecting to be going out and spending money this weekend cos I'm pretty broke, but I couldn't turn down the offer of meeting some new friends.. especially when they just happened to be hot women :0 So yer.. seriously.. HELP! I'm dead broke! I'll do any kind of work.. computer work.. mow your lawn... whatever. Just let me know plz! ;)

      I've got an 18 acre property...I don't think you'll want to do my mowing :P

      Anyway, I've already got an idea on how to get you some moneys.
      Here's what I do:
      1. Write an article about the misconceptions of PC Gaming.
      2. Post a link to a cheap, decent gaming rig that's less than $1000 (without a monitor because game consoles don't come with TVs, the closer you can get to $600, the better) that just happens to be being sold by you, to prove that pc's don't have to cost you an arm and a leg (and a foot, liver, spleen, ear and small intestine).
      3. Get Tracey to put it up on Kotaku
      4. ???
      5. Profit

      What do you think?

        heheh well if anyone is interested in buying a computer like that I'm happy to put something together.. but would anyone actually be interested?

          I'm actually fairly interested in upgrading one of my parts soon. Not sure what, but it's been a year since I put together my baby so I think I want to upgrade something.

          Mobo is fine, gfx card is still as shiny as day one, perhaps I should go overboard and boost my ram to 12GB?





              yessum I do indeed! I can get any kind of parts and accessories for desktops laptops and netbooks.

                Excellent. What's your email, maybe we can work out a deal?

      You can wash my car!
      Cost of flights to Adelaide not included.

      Oooh, giiiiirrllls! :D
      I wish I could help you! I actually need a new computer badly but can't afford it. Hmmmm, what's your going rate for an on-site visit?

    Good morning all, how was everybody's weekends

      Here's some extra question marks to replace the forgotten one



        All hope of Kotaku Chronicles part IV being finished this year has just flown out the window... :(

          As i said before - when Mark comes back - i'd hate for him to miss it lol

    So I tried to play some Tekken 6 online at the weekend.

    It was LAGTASTIC!

    I then played some Final Fantasy XIII again.

    My weekend was a masochist's dream come true.

    I did do some art though. Rage comic:

    And a sketch for my custom stick art:

    Morning all, Just thought I'd mention it here since the dedicated topic is like 3 days old and no-one goes back that far.

    Sonic Generations Limited Edition is available through most major gaming stores (EB Games, GAME, JB-Hifi are the ones I looked at, all three had it on their sites)

      Every time I hear of a new Sonic game, I just think of the bit from The Simpsons where Homer beats up the dwarf dressed as the hamburgler type character.

      "Stop it! He's already dead!"

        On the contrary - i haven't given a damn about any of the recent sonic games... although colors did look like it might be half decent...

        But this new one... it really looks promising.. it could be the sonic game that's been dearly needed for sooo damn long!

          Fool me once...

          We're up to about the seventh or eight time that this is relevant.

          Until it comes out and is proven to be good, we simply should not get excited about Sonic games. It's the only way to be safe.

            Its kinda sad really, being a long term Sonic fan I really cannot bring myself to not get excited when Sega build anticipation and the game look promising, but I know I might just be falling for the Sonic cycle yet again, but for all intents and purposes it looks really promising. Nothing short of Sega gleefully proclaiming another 'werehog' level PR disaster could really kill the level of anticipation the game has garnered with the Sonic faithful.

        I think the same way, but whenever a sonic is released usually the voice of reason is drowned out by the yells of my inner child saying "SONIC SONIC SONIC, I LOVE SONIC".

        That usually ends with me waking up in a haze with a controller in my hand then realising i have just bought the new Sonic.

        Although this one looks pretty good, I'll probably get the Sonic Collector's Ed. for the extras!

          I agree, Sonic Generations can be absolutely terrible, but the added stuff you get for the collectors edition are simply too great to pass up.

    O, HAI.

    I hope your weekends were resplendent with awesomeness. guys... Space Marine.. Seriously...

    Sooooo Awesome.

    Good news for people who don't know a thing about 40k - The story is REALLY thin, so you don't really need to worry about it.
    While it's a LITTLE disappointing for 40k fans, it more than makes up for it with sheer visceral combat!

    A couple of things:

    I spend most of my weekend playing the multiplayer aspect of Space Marine, also playing with Hugo and Cracks on Firday night. They were already much better than me, but damn if i didn't have a barrel of fun! Something about the multiplayer is just so enjoyable and well balanced. I just love it to pieces!

    And the sound of the gun - ESPECIALLY the Stalker Patern Bolter... my god it's so satisfying.

    So in multiplayer i am up to Level 10 out of 41, which isn't bad - there are only 2 game modes and only a handful of maps, but for me thats great because i get to familiarise myself with them and become slightly better at what i'm doing. There are tonnes of things to unlock and heaps of perks, too - including heaps of class and weapon specific perks, which are great if you're better at one thing more than the other.

    I'm playing on medium on Singleplayer, and boy am i glad i didn't choose hard... while at times it can be fairly easy-ish, there a times where the difficulty curve slaps you directly in the freakin' face. It gets hard... real hard... And i'm not even up to the chaos part yet!!

    Really i am enjoying this game so damn much to the point where i even dreamed about it all last night. haha

    Seriously - if you haven't got it.. get it!

    It's just sooo.... tasty!

      You dreamed about Space Marine, do you know what I dreamed about last night?

      My mother returned from her holiday(just my Mum, my Dad was nowhere to be found) to come in and yell at me to clean up the house.

      I should probably heed her advice, but I am way too lazy for this...

      Let me try and rant less - the gameplay is actually very VERY solid - which is great!

      And the mobs don't have the Dynasty Warriors mentality... you know, the one where they take turns trying to hit you.

      In THIS game, if you get stuck in the middle of a large mob with no way out, you are screwed, son!
      Even when you're performing the health-regenerating executions enemies will continue to cut you up...

        Yeah I really like that about the game, I think we got spoiled by games where if you need a breather you just do lots of executions and the enemies just stand around and wait for their turn.
        In Space Marine if you want to do an execution you need to single someone out and give yourself space to make the kill happen.

        I LOVE how this game forces you to use a completely different mindset from other action games. Low on health? Charge in. Want executions? You have to wait until it's clear to do so.

        Maybe that's why I sucked at the demo, playing it too much like Dynasty Warriors. That and I thought you were supposed to just execute everyone and I usually ended up losing more health then I gained during the animation.

      You’re not alone your Chuloopiness, I did dream of Space Marine Friday night, basically went straight to sleep after playing it and then thought I was still playing it.
      I am now totally in love with the Storm bolter, plus combine it with the second weapon perk, then use the Meltagun, excellent mid range weapon plus orgasmatastic short range weapon and you are an unstoppable killing god, unless you suck… like me… it is still awesome though.

      I am on level 22 on PC atm but there are so many issues with it I think I might wait for my PS3 copy to arrive.

        Apparently the PS3 version has quite a few bugs too - but not the 360 one - go figure.

        They are in the middle of fixing them all, though :)

      Space Marine!
      Finished the campaign over the weekend. Was enjoyable, if a little thin. The ending was very much a cliffhanger though. Damn you, Relic!
      Multiplayer is boss. Was awesome fun playing with you and Hugo. Can't wait for the free DLC :D

      Hearing this like makes me really upset the THQ decided to gouge the Aussie market. I like to keep all my games in my steam account so doubling for no reason means I can't buy it.

      Curse my principles

    Monday? Boo! TABTOL? Yay!

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      And there I was, thinking that I'd been quiet.


      I guess this is what we get when JM3 is busy.

      I like how Mags still made #2 without internet for half the week.

      Woohooo, made it into the top fifteen.
      Next week top ten, then... the WORLD.

        You'd need to post more than me to take the world, and do you really think that's going to happen?

          You are just lucky I don't use a PC during the day

      Woo! Up to 3rd place!

      Made 130ish comments more than last week!

      I love it how a I can be first without out actually being 1st :P

      You didn't combine my f4ction, Brother f4ction and Lord Commander f4ction :P

      Oh well, I'm more about quality over quantity anyway ;)

      Awww my mid week name change put me at 42 and 39.

      Combined I'd be in the top 30. but I guess lots of people are in that crazy spacemarine boat.

    Rang Microsoft this morning because they auto-renewed my Gold on a monthly subscription after I'd purchased the "Two months for $2" special while we had the free month of Foxtel on 360.
    Just wanted them to turn it off, didn't bother asking why I had to actually call them because I knew the poor guy would have had to give me the company's bullshit excuses but then he offered the bullshit excuse without me even asking. He's all "You might be wondering why we changed it so you now have to call.." and before I could say "actually, no, no I wasn't wondering" he continued to tell me it was because they liked to contact customers personally when credit cards were involved. I just laughed at him.

      If they like contacting customers personally, why do you have to initiate contact?

      It took me a fair bit of effort to get auto-renew taken off of my account. Luckily they tried to do it off of an expired debit card so they couldn't take the money. The problem is that it killed all net access on my Xbox until it was resolved because it wouldn't revert to free access.

      Their billing department leaves a lot to be desired.

      Ugh I've got this too.
      I've been trying to remove my credit card from their system for ages but I simply don't want to call them.

      *Sigh* Guess I'll just have to bite the bullet

      Yeah I had to do that as well, much angst because I could not remember what address I had on that account and they would not help me until I told them.
      Never mind that I could tell them every other detail about the account from passwords to credit card details but no, the totally irrelevant postal address was what they focused on.

      Needless to say I will never give Microsoft any payment details ever again.
      Steal $80 from me once? Shame on you. Trust you ever again? Shame on me.

    Morning, all.

    And also...

    On ya, Sammy!

      Captain Tidus got tired of stomping orks and decided to cut through the veins in my eyes

      this was 6 hours after i stopped playing space marine, so it's a lot better than what it was before..

      Still red today, too lol

        that wasn't meant to be a reply to you... lol sorry

        Ha, I had the exact same issue, I saw my nephews on the weekend and they started calling me a demon. Of course my reaction was to start chasing them around the yard with various swords and axes.
        Plastic ones, they're not ready for the real deal yet.
        Soon though, very soon.

      man serena is a terrible person she was being a total bitch to the umpire calling her all sorts of names

        Poor sportsmanship is always saddening to see.

      So apparently this morning on the news, one of the channels (9, possibly) kind of linked how awesome it would be if Serena Williams won the US Open on 9/11.
      Maybe she was angry at that. Her skills not matching up to her bleeding heart patriotism.
      Bit of a weird link to make, I thought.

    I bought a Roomba on the weekend.

    His name is Larr-E, because he's Wall-e's less charismatic 2nd cousin.

    I also finished Deus Ex... That final act was very... eh, right?

      are they the vacuuming robot. I would be scared it would turn out like a killer robot that can't stand being unclean. Until they vacuum the entire HUMAN RACE.

        My girlfriend doesn't want it to vacuum at night in case it relays the layout of our house to it's robot brothers and they break in and kill us and assume our form.

        I'm not kidding, this was actually said to me.

          I think you found the right girl Dan, she sounds as nuts as you are! Why wouldn't you be scared at daytime though.

      oh please tell me you at least taped a kitchen knife to the top of it, so when robots do rise, they'll remember who was the first to arm them?

    Oh, almost forgot! 3 new shirts!

      The famicom one is the shit, yo! :D

        "The famicom one is the shit, yo!" - Chuloopa

        "You should buy, like, eight or something" - Dr What?

          I'll probably pick one up in a couple of weeks - i need to start buying some new tees :)

    Coming next week: The Lesser Evil graphic novel. Stay tuned!

    According to my publisher, my work reminds them of Game of Thrones (link: ).

      i want to buy it, is your site going to sell it shane?

        Possibly, but I think to begin with, I'll just provide links to all the places it'll be available from. There WILL be Australian sources, so not just Amazon!

          sweet i read the blurb on your site and it looked pretty awesome.

    All this talk of Space Marine makes me sad.

    Should have taken today off so I could stand at my door waiting for my copy of Space Marine would finally arrive from Big W.

      Please forgive my terrible (just terrible) grammar, I'm in the process of drinking my morning coffee.

        what console you get it on, buddy?


          I believe I have an gold membership (or whatever the internets for microsoft is called) can't remeber what it is called though.

            add me if you want to get a game in sometime :)


              and my Axe!

      I am still waiting for them to ship Dead Island.
      Still says "order being processed" and when I click on the link, it syas my session has timed out.
      Hugo getting angry.
      And Clubby getting clubby.



      'splain. And... go.

        This week! RAGE event at the Opera House! Next week! Event I cannot talk about!!

        and CANBERRA!!

          Canberra party time at blaghman's!

            Holy crap, that's... the weekend after this one?

            HAHA, so glad I don't need to organise anything!

              HA HA 0_0

                Easy: everyone meet at EPIC for the last day of the Lifeline Bookfair. How hard is that. :P

    Testing a new handle.

    Is it too much?

      WHOAAAA WHAT IS THIS revolutionary change I don't know if I can handle it good doctor...!!!

        I changed it to:

        "Dr What? <- Click for Awesome Shirts"

        And Kotaku wasn't happy.

    Happy Moon Festival today everybody!!

      Harvest Moon Festival!

        Where we lavish praise upon the bestest of HM games, Friends of Mineral Town. Although Rune Factory 3 might be a competitor if we included spinoffs.

      BRB acquiring many moon cakes.


        Were you going to say that Rinoa was the cause for 80% of the problems occurring in that game, and the other 20% was mostly Quistis?

          Not particularly.
          I think it was something along the lines of 'This festival was only created to appease the moon, so that it wouldn't rain unknown creatures upon us to ravage our lands.' or something.

          Also, Majora's Mask.

      Alright, time to prepare for some Moon Watching.
      Yup, it's still the moon.

        Pretty good moon spotting skills, seeing as it's a super bright, sunny, cloudless day.

          He's from Canberra, they don't get sun over there.

            That explains a lot...

              It would definitely explain how I've managed to lose my beautiful tan over the past few years...

    Morning all.
    Anyone got a good remedy for a pretty chesty cold?

    Other than that, did anyone else spend most of the weekend playing Dead Island, or is all about the Space Marines? I may be slightly addicted to tropical zombie bashing...
    Another fine example of our broken classification system. If there was ever a game that should be R18, this is it.

      Tea, jelly beans and leeches.

      Try each separately and if that doesn't work start mixing and matching.

      Please note, my medical experience is limited to being quite good at Trauma Center and playing healer type characters in MMOs.

        rez plz

          I believe the other options here are:

          heal plz
          555 u thai?
          u lvl?
          glastheim warp
          sup baby how u doin?

          Playing as a female Priest in Ragnarok had many downsides. Not least of all, I was playing Ragnarok.

            PLZ = Priest Love Zeny

            how much lvl, u lvl?
            tank plz?
            buff pls?
            can have zeny????

              Megaman Battle Network?
              Pretty good GBA games.

              Start new character.

              Reach job level 3.


              Feels good man.

                Hey look it's a pretty butterfly!! What's this, a creamy?

                OH GOD AHHH NOO MAKE IT STOP-

                  How the hell did I spend years playing that game?

                  *Walks a couple of maps to the south of a main city*

                  "Hmm this forest is particularly pretty, oh look some new monsters"
                  *Thinks to self* "I can almost 1 hit the monsters in the last area this joker should be a breeze"


        Good call Trjn. I'm off to get jelly beans!

      I spent my weekend playing Minecraft 1.8 pre-release. Man that update is so awesome. The new lighting looks fantastic, and the improved combat makes it so much more fun hunting monsters. Endermen, on the other hand, don't work in SMP, so they were rather boring...

      I feel like an old man for saying this, but I agree that it should not be MA. It's brutal! And it doesn't help that I'm immature, so I'll cut/bash the limbs off the corpses on the ground...

      In all seriousness, here's a secret recipe Mark gave me when I was feelin' under zee weather -

      2 cloves garlic
      1 teaspoon crushed ginger
      2 tablespoons honey
      juice of half a lemon
      (optional) some chilli powder

      Crush the garlic and mix in with all the ingredients in a large mug. Top the mixture off with some warm (NOT hot!) water. Stir. Chug it down like a man.

      You'll feel better in no time!

        I ate a raw clove of garlic this weekend.
        Also took a few bites out of an onion.

        Yep, I'm a real catch ;)

          Just how drunk were you this weekend?

            I will not deny that some amount of tequila may have been involved.

          I eat raw cloves of garlic for breakfast.

            How drunk are you by default?

        Add whisky... remove ginger, garlic, honey, water, lemon and chilli powder.

    I got into the Wrath of Heroes Beta

    Anyone else apply???

    So, other than myself and Hugo, who ordered Dead Island through Big W's website last week?
    Mine is still reading 'Order being processed', despite the fact that they took my money already...

      Yup, Im in the same boat. Obviously Big W is still in the order of "processing" what to spend out money on.

    Spent yesterday and Dukey's (our mate and 'producer' for the LGM) place setting up things for next weekend's Lame Game Marathon.

    Some thoughts so far:
    1) 4 webcams and 3 capture cards means a LOT of USB ports. I feel like Tassadar is over our shoulders saying 'YOU REQUIRE MORE USB PORTS'. SHUT UP TASSADAR I KNOW WHAT IM DOING JEEZ.

    2) Wires! Wires everywhere!

    3) In order to capture the PC footage it has to run through a TV. So we're going to have 50+ big screen inches of Garden Simulator OH YEAH BABY

      Somehow that does not seem optimal, yet it seems to fit with the theme of playing bad games :p

        Yeah pretty much. Our opinion is if it works we're going for it.
        Flying by the seat of our pants WOOOOO

      You know what won't be funny if you trip on the wires while streaming.

      Don't forget Zumba Fitness!

        What is it exactly that you're implying, hmmmmm?


          You're back!!! I was wondering when you'd make an appearance.

          What I meant was, uh, you see.. *sweats and adjusts collar nervously* (this works, because I am wearing a collared shirt, you see. I like my collared shirts very muchly so. Especially my black one. It looks pretty cool when I pair it with my skinny black tie. What can I say, I like wearing black on black. haha. You know what they say about it. What was that saying? "Once you go black, you're gonna need a wheelchair!")

          Now where was I...?

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