Tell Us, Damnit!

Damnit, we want you to tell us stuff — like which game would you like to see re-mastered?

We've seen a string of successful digitally-enhanced remakes that play like the originally but look a lot better. The Tales of Monkey Island immediately comes to mind, and the more recently released Ocarina of Time has also proven to be a huge hit. Personally, I'd love to see the earlier Final Fantasy games re-mastered — keep the stories and game design as they are, but give the graphics a 2011 make-over.

How about you? Which game(s) would you like to see given a graphical face-lift?


    Gabriel Knight and System Shock 2.

      Yes! System Shock 2: With Graphics (tm)

    Syndicate/Syndicate Wars. Put it on 3DS, and I'll wee a little.

    Wait, do you mean remade or remastered. There's a difference between the two.

      Yep, that's the word I was looking for. Edited!

        Looking down the comments section, it's a bit late for that :P Might as well just stick with re-made and do re-mastered next time :P

    I'd have to say Wonder Boy III: Dragons Trap..


      See, I originally thought this was a good idea (see my post below) but I'd be worried that they'd butcher a game that already looked great and played fantastically. How could they actually improve it?

        I was thinking keep it the same, maybe a whole new world to play through as well, like an expansion pack. The only upgrade would be graphics and sound, and graphics wise I was thinking more like the monkey island remakes, not a 3D/2.5D makeover.

          Sega is actually releasing Wonderboy in MonsterLand, Wonderboy in MonsterWorld, and and an english version of MonsterWorld 4 on XBLA/PSN later this year! Unfortunatly no Wonderboy 3: The Dragons Trap though:(

            What's the point in that?!?!

            I'll still buy it -_-

    Metroid II.

    Zero Mission stands for me as the absolute pinnacle of game remakes, and I would give just about anything to have Return of Samus receive the same treatment.

      Also this! Metroid II was one of my first gameboy games, and I played it to death. Soooo awesome, and it was creepy as he'll sometimes when I was little

    Day of the Tentacle. With new puzzles to keep it fresh. And, no, not in 3D.

      Seconded. I was going to post this suggestion if nobody else had mentioned it.

    I was going to say: some of my favourites from the master system era, like Wonder Boy III or Alex Kidd in Miracle World. But then I realised that they would just end up with 2.5D graphics and feel weird.

    So I think this remaking only works for 3D games where the technology at the time was a limiting factor (e.g. OoT). In which case I'd say:
    - Half Life I (which is supposedly in progress with that Black Mesa project... but that's probably due for release by 2030, just in time for the release of HL3)
    - GTA: Vice City using that crazy photorealism mod for GTA IV!
    - Superman 64 simply for the LOLs. Maybe it's a good game without the kryptonite fog?

      2.5D graphics turn me off too. I like the illustrative nature of pixels and see their evolution as something drawn, not modelled.
      I think sonic Generations has missed the point in this respect, new sonic looks cool, old sonic looks wrong. 3D graphics only wow when they're like a pixar animation, not a misshapen figurine that candy comes in.
      Bring back Wonderboy III but don't make him anything short of wonderful.

        What I think SEGA has missed the point of when it comes to Sonic is the momentum the game had and NOT going back to the earlier Sonic games.
        That's what everybody keeps crying for, for them to go back and back in order to play a remake of the first Sonic games. But even if they do they keep missing out on the momentum those games originally had. The game wasn't about speed, as many players seem to boast about, it was about a good platformer that had good momentum.

        It was the problem I had in the Generations demo, while running at full speed you can press a button to immediately spin-dash on the spot. No momentum at stopping, you just stop. The same problem people had with Sonic 4.

    Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth
    Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

      oh ShadowMan from the N64 as well!!

        I was going to say Shadowman aswell. Either as a HD download or on the 3DS.

        Also Majoras Mask. Superior to OOT in every way.

          One more i forgot. The Arcade version of Rygar. Same mechanics and gameplay but more levels and HD graphics. I need tissues just thinking about it.


    'nuff said.

      Never played it, considering it's Bungie maybe I should give it a crack?

        It's not up to scratch with their other games, but I still love it to bits. I'd recommend picking up a copy. Or *cough* acquiring it from the internet.

        Oni's not really a Bungie game. It was by a second studio they set up (Bungie West) and they flogged it off to GoD Games before finishing it so that they could stay solvent while developing Halo (before Microsoft purchased them) and GoD dumbed it down to get it onto the PS2. :(

    I'm with you Tracey I would love to see Final Fantasy VII remastered (i.e. keep everything the same except graphics).

    I actually had a friend over one time and he watched me play FFVII (he had never played/seen it) and he said if it wasn't for the god awful polygon graphics he would by it.

    There you go Sony (plus me) that's 2 sales

      Also how could I forget

      Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1&2!!!

      Make FFIV (originally on SNES) in the Final Fantasy XIII engine. Holy shit, awesome.

    Persona 3FES/4 remade for the iPad/iPhone especially 4 it would work so well.

    I would also love to see the Sword of mana series re-visited. Properly this time like it's GBA iteration not its crummy ds versions

    Baldur's Gate 2 and Thief 2


      BG1&2 especially!

    I'd love to see a PSN/XBL remake of Wings of Fury, one of my favourite Amiga games ever.

    For me FF6 or FF7 would be top of the list.
    Really anything from when Square were a can't miss studio (Tobal #2, Parasite Eve, FF Tactics, Xenogears etc etc)

    I would also be first in line for a next gen Flashback, Motocross Madness and Point Blank...

    Since I've got OoT, I feel I should say Majora's Mask and Wind Waker since I've never played them.

    And I'll agree with AP.
    Oni would be gorramn ace remastered/actually finished.

    Industry Giant 2!!!!! I would LOOOOOOOOOOOVE to play a re-mastered version of that

    The entire Baldur's Gate series, with the option of playing with some of the more popular mods available by default (particularly that one that is essentially BG2: Master Quest).

    Resident evil 1&2
    Final fantasy 7
    GTA San andreas
    Abes odyssey

    Planescape: Torment, just bring me a UI update, the backgrounds are still very nice.

    I would really like to see the original Deus Ex redone on the Human Revolution engine.

    Placescape Torment
    Dungeon Keeper 2 (a graphical overhaul is the only thing that game needs)

    I (and everyone else) could go on.

    Panzer Dragoon Saga. In my memory it looks amazing. I'm pretty sure it looks shocking!


    Remastered so that the graphics and combat system are like .hack//GU.
    But keep the difficulty at the original level. .hack//GU was kind of easy.

    Wouldn't mind seeing Kings Quest VII remastered too.

    RE 1/2/3 with optional RE4 camera.
    FF 7/8

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