That Duke Nukem Remake Is As Good As Gone

When we first saw the plans for a remake of Duke Nukem 3D, Mike wasn't exactly confident it would ever be released. With good reason: it looks like it won't ever be released.

Despite initially getting the green light from IP owners Gearbox, the fan-made project has stalled, an announcement on Duke Nukem 3D Reloaded's website saying:

After careful consideration of the progress and direction of the project, Interceptor Entertainment has decided to finish Duke Nukem: Reloaded at a future date that is yet to be determined.

Interceptor Entertainment still has the good will and non commercial licence provided to us to use the Duke Nukem brand for our creative ambitions. We hope to resume that work again when the time is right.

In the interim, please know that the praise and support we received for our efforts has been both overwhelming and appreciated. Interceptor Entertainment looks forward to revisiting the DNR project in the future, along with several other new, creative pursuits. Our fans can rest assured: We are going to focus our efforts on exciting endeavours and we welcome the challenges that await us!

With sincere gratitude to our fans for their incredible support,

Interceptor Entertainment

Um, yeah, this thing is toast. When you see those kind of words from these kind of projects, they never come back. Wonder if that's really because they ran out of steam, or if something was up between the developers and Gearbox?

We're asking Gearbox, just to be sure.

Public Announcement [Duke Nukem 3D]


    "Um, yeah, this thing is toast. When you see those kind of words from these kind of projects, they never come back."

    The stupidest video game series to say that about: you do remember Duke Nukem Forever, right?

      Duke Nukem Forever wasn't a non-profit fan made project.

        And was practically resurrected pro-bono by a highly successful developer.

        It should've been a non profit fan made project, it would've come out sooner, less buggy and far better quality...

    I've got contact with the lead of Duke Reloaded. Wait a week or two for a big announcement regarding the game. The game is not canceled, still in development and a beta will be released before years end. Trust me, bitches.

    Does anyone care?

    Ah, bummer. I was looking forward to that.

    damn....that's disappointing.

    Maybe some of them are getting hired into full-time dev jobs? Seems kinda odd that they'd just leave it where it sits like that...


    The curse of Duke Nukem lives on.

    I've not played DNF, but by all accounts Duke 3D was the superior game thanks to its more DooM-like level design and the (compared to DNF) relative lack of hateful mysogyny.

    A "HD Remake" approach to resurrecting that game (as done with many a classic PS2 title) would be a great companion release to SS3: a reminder that traditional run-and-gun FPS is still great fun!

    @Patrick: So are you telling us the truth? The game will be released and is in motion? Or is this false information?

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