The 6 Biggest Sports In The World In One Kinect Game

Why worry about which sports game to play on your Xbox 360 when you can get baseball, hockey, basketball, golf, football, and other football, all in one handy Kinect game?

I guess if you wanted to completely immerse yourself in your favourite sport you'd just buy a dedicated title, but if you're in the mood for sports-themed mini-games, Big League Sports is your title. It's a family-friendly collection of 18 Kinect-powered sports activities, complete with multiple multiplayer modes for showing off your semi-athletic skills and a real-time leaderboard that tracks single-player progress.

"We wanted to create the perfect active sports video game for families and friends to play together and now Kinect for Xbox 360 has given us that ability," said David Oxford, Activision Publishing. "Anyone can learn to play — young and old players alike will be on their feet and basking in glory of victory or the agony of defeat with Big League Sports."

If I had a game like this a month ago I wouldn't be sitting here staring at my copy of Madden 12, wondering why the hell I purchased a football game I'll never play.

Just kidding, I would have purchased Madden anyway. It's a disease.

Big League Sports is coming to the Xbox 360 later this year.


    What the hell's up with that box art?? It's like we're back in the 90s! O_O

    Six biggest sports in the world? There's Ice Hockey and no Volleyball? I think they mean six biggest sports in America...

    Yeah, 6 biggest sports in the USA.

    Tennis and Cricket would be among the 6 biggest in the world.

    I wish North Americans would stop it already with the whole USA = The World. I've visited the US and it's a great place, there's no need for all the constant self big noting.

      It's just an off hand comment man no need to get buttmad.

      Who the fuck stereotypes hockey with America anyway?

    Subtle dig at football having the character for that be female?

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